Our 4 Favourite Influencer Marketing Campaigns from Coachella 2019

Attracting crowds from all over the world, California’s Coachella festival is the must-attend event for Influencers and celebrities alike. For many, Coachella isn’t just about the music – it’s about the fashion, the endless photo opportunities and enjoying an experience that is being shared around the world in real time.

With such a wide exposure across social media platforms due high-profile guests and performers, Coachella has become the perfect ground for brands to market themselves in bold, creative and interactive ways. As the breadth of exposure increases every year, it’s become more important for brands to secure the best talent to represent their products and associate themselves with hip, genuine and lovable personalities.

We’ve shared four of our favourite marketing campaigns from Coachella that have made the best use of Influencer collaborations to dazzle and engage their audiences.


1. Absolut Vodka Planet Tent

With our love for the sustainability movement cemented, it’s no wonder why we were so thrilled by Absolut Vodka’s Planet Tent at Coachella 2019. In launching its new platform to promote itself as ‘Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka’, Coachella was the ideal ground for targeting an eco-conscious generation with its mission to thrive for a better, sustainable model of manufacturing.


Photo credit: Aggie Lal

As ‘Coachella’s Official Vodka’, Absolut invited sustainability-minded Influencers to their interactive oasis to sip on cocktails and share their knowledge about the Absolut’s Planet Tent’s efforts as a carbon-neutral and zero-waste venue. Recruiting the help of Influencers like Aggie Lal and Gregory Velvet, Absolut made a splash at this year’s festival and has left us thirsty for more.


2. YSL Beauty Station

In understanding the millennial generation’s preference to having experiences rather than owning things, YSL created an experience that had us dying to get in on the action. In creating their roadside pop-up store enroute to Palm Springs, YSL channeled the traditional American Gas Station complete with pumps and make-up vending machines.


Photo credit: Bonnie Strange

What we love about this is that it invites not just Influencers but all content-creators to interact with and share photographs of the experience, further connecting them to the brand and its products. Despite this, YSL chose the perfect Influencer collaborators in Bonnie Strange, Hyun Ah and Emma Louise Connolly to create and share branded content, making the most of their diverse fan base and backgrounds to reach a wider audience.


3. Levi’s

This year, Levi’s once again proved why its name is synonymous with Coachella festival. For most punters, a ticket to their Neon Carnival is the dream, with guests like the Queen of Influencer Marketing Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio dancing and schmoozing the night away.


Photo credit: Levi’s

When they weren’t throwing the party of the year, Levi’s invited over 100 trend-setters including Haley Bieber and Bella Hadid to try their clothes at a tailored pop-up. By watching how each guest wore their clothing, they found a wealth of inspiration on how to style and market their products in the future.

Having earned 2.5 billion impressions from their stint at Coachella 2017, Levi’s has never shied away from the endless possibilities of harnessing an Influencer-driven marketing campaign, especially at Coachella.


4. Revolve Festival

You can’t write a list on the best influencer marketing campaigns at Coachella without mentioning the company that started it all. After their 2018 Revolve Festival broke the budget, their 2019 outing was promised to be no less exciting.


Photo credit: Farina Opoku

Online fashion retailer Revolve brought together and styled the Who’s Who of global Influencers for their annual festival, with guests as varied as Kendall Jenner to Julie Sariñana and Farina Opoku all repping the brand with a plethora of stylish photographs in front of their intricate, eye-popping sets.

Although their marketing blitz comes with a hefty price, the sales don’t lie: the lead up to 2018’s Coachella was the best week of sales in Revolve’s history despite the fact that the products were sold at full price.

By studying these brands and the power of recruiting authentic Influencers to market their messages, its apparent that Influencer marketing is a well-establish marketing model that when harnessed correctly, is a force to be reckoned with.

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