How To Improve Your Festival Influencer Marketing Strategy

With summertime about to hit full-swing, millions of people of all ages are preparing to attend festivals all over the world in their most bold and colorful attire. We’ve already covered some of the most inspiring ideas at this year’s Coachella, but the season is only just getting started, so we’re covering you with some interesting insights in festival influencer marketing.

To many, festivals represent freedom, partying, music, arts, and outdoor living, so whether you’re a lifestyle product or a fashion label, your brand could benefit from creating the right festival-centered campaign to expose your brand to your customers. If you are about to unroll your strategy, then now is the time to make sure your plan is concrete, and if you are yet to think about it, time is quickly running out for to maximize the potential of your marketing campaigns for the most exciting time of the year.

To help you ensure that your campaign has the best chance possible to bring in activations, we’ve compiled a list of three ways you can ensure your festival season IM strategy is executed well at every stage of the season.


1. Build Hype

The best way to have your followers and potential customers know what to expect from your brand over festival season is to start sharing your campaign weeks or even months before Summer hits. This is the approach Team Collabary have taken with our collaboration with Hunter Boots, whose recently launched Festival of Summer campaign has already started teasing out what we can expect from the brand this year.

Photo credit: Toni Dreher

As boots are a must-have item for many European festivals, Hunter Boots wanted to highlight it’s bright and durable footwear as both an essential and fashionable festival. To achieve this, we put together a team of seven German ambassadors to showcase their products as a core piece of a Summer festival wardrobe, whether that’s in a urban or natural environment.

As well as their brand ambassador collaborations, Hunter Boots are sponsoring London’s Mighty Hoopla festival, where they will build a Hunter Hunhouse – a glittery mirrored funhouse filled with drag queens dressed in Hunter Pride-edition rain boots. The genius of both avenues is that they are not only sending ambassadors out to test their boots in all terrains, but they are also aligning themselves with an inclusive, playful, and creative mentality – three qualities to any amazing festival.


2. Encourage Story Takeovers

We recently covered our successful collaboration with Tommy Jeans in sending the Blogger Bazaar Squad to Coachella in a take over Tommy Jeans’ IG account, but this tip is definitely worth revisiting. A story takeover is essentially handing one or a number of brand ambassadors the keys to your IG account and allowing them to make and share content that aligns with your brand message.

Photo credit: Lueasa Romanow

Due to the loud, colorful and energetic nature of festivals, there may be no better environment to show your followers your products in all their glory, and if you choose the right influencers, you can expect them to choose the most creative and opportune moments to capture them. For example, for Berlin’s annual Mural Festival, sponsor and after-party organizer Jagermeister recruited the talent of local influencer Lueasa Romanow to document a number of murals as well as the after-party.

Romanow’s IG feed and style are somewhat edgy, to say the least, but in enlisting her help in documenting both a fringe-arts festival and a techno-heavy afterparty, they couldn’t have chosen anyone better to align themselves with to capture their bold, pleasantly dark brand image.

For more tips on perfecting the perfect takeover, check out our guide here.


3. Explore Experiential Marketing

It doesn’t get much more experiential than a week-long music and arts festival. At times, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide what to do – while some of the world’s largest acts play at clashing times, certain events unfold for a limited number of people and a decision has to be made and stuck to. At a festival, attendees are spoilt for experiences.

It would seem counter-productive to offer your audience another experience to choose from but organized correctly in collaboration with the best IM talent, you can create an authentic event that will have festival-goers and followers at home engaging with your brand. Beauty retailer Sephora may be the best when it comes to harnessing the power of experiential marketing, and their methods are changing yearly.

Photo credit: Kiernan Shipka

The Coachella 2018 outing of their Sephora Beauty Lounge saw them offering guests hairstyling, make-up retouches, hair coloring and photo opportunities with giant glitter props. The tent was no doubt a success, but it was merely a blueprint for what they would do the following year.  

For Coachella 2019, Sephora teamed up with The Zoe Report to create the Sephora Beauty Lounge ZOEasis. Here, guests could receive makeovers, meet influencers like Rachel Zoe herself and make the most out of perfectly curated photo opportunities. The addition of influencers to the Sephora Beauty Lounge took their previously trialed idea to a new level.

By enlisting the help of some of IG’s most known and trusted faces, they crafted an experience that festival-goers would not only rejuvenate them for more festive fun but align their products in their minds as quality, fashionable, and versatile for all occasions. The addition of trustworthy ambassadors not only cemented this idea further but drew in countless fans who wanted to meet them in person.

Photo credit: Joyjah Estrada

If you are thinking of how to improve your influencer marketing campaigns for this year’s festival season, we hope these tips have inspired you for the exciting road ahead. As influencers’ talents are utilized in more bold and exciting ways every year, the sky is the limit for how creative you can get with your collaborations.