Hello world – meet the content creator platform that could change everything

Unless you’ve been planning your marketing campaigns in a cave in recent years, you’ve no doubt considered the benefits of working with content creators.

Whether you’re excited by the astronomical numbers of active users on the main social platforms, or simply tired of an ad-phobic online audience blocking and shunning your paid digital ads, influencer marketing is appealing to more and more brands. It’s also making them slightly nervous.

Amongst the chief concerns about working with content creators is understanding how to get it right. After all, a bad influencer marketing campaign is no less disastrous to your marketing budget than an un-clicked ad or an unopened email.

Fortunately, there’s Collabary a content creator platform that makes the whole process simple and rewarding.

Who are Collabary?

Collabary was created by Zalando Media Solutions, an organisation that’s building a big reputation for helping brands in the fashion world accelerate their digital marketing, reach huge audiences and extract deep consumer insights.

So, what does Collabary do?

We connect – bringing together big brands and influential social media content creators to form connections that produce extraordinary results.

We help you to create – we’ll help you find and build relationships that produce stories and experiences that will reach an audience who really cares.

We’ll show you the results – we put you in control of your campaign’s performance, giving you complete access to data that really means something.

Finding your perfect partners

One of the biggest challenges any brand venturing into the world of influencer marketing will face is choosing the right content creator for their story.

Yes of course you could just give your entire year’s marketing budget to a celebrity with an Instagram following in the multi-millions. But before you do, maybe take a look at the comment sections beneath some of those paid celebrity endorsements. What you’ll quickly learn is that a huge reach is doing your brand no favours if the relationship isn’t relevant and real.

What we do instead is help you get to know key social media content creators, understand what they’re passionate about and see just how they’ve built a loyal and trusting community.

Ok, maybe no one on Collabary has a Kardashian-level following – but what they all do have is an authentic voice, an engaged audience and the kind of creativity that most celebrity endorsements can only dream of.

The relationship is everything

In influencer marketing we believe that nothing matters more than bringing the right brand and the right content creators together. If we can help you find a social media influencer that shares your beliefs and passion, then we’re pretty sure the next bit will be easy.

Because, to us, influencer marketing isn’t about someone you barely know posting a picture of your product. It’s about you passing on the knowledge and enthusiasm you have for your brand to someone who is genuinely excited to be a part of your world. And then, giving them the creative freedom to do what they do best – bring your story to life in a way that feels real, relevant and reaches people who care.