Halloween Hack: How To Repurpose Influencer Generated Content

Booh! As October is known as the spooky season and today is officially the spookiest day of them all, we want to provide you with some great Halloween content created by amazing influencers. This content can not just be used as an inspiration for today’s Halloween costume or make-up, but as well for your next seasonal campaign. No matter if it’s going to be Halloween, Christmas, Valentines or whatever you’re planning to thrill your customers with.

To make the looks we’re presenting you even more enjoyable, we decided to take this as a use case to show you one of Collabary’s features: the Content Discovery.

The Content Discovery is a feature that enables you to find, collect, engage and repurpose relevant content created by social media influencers. With this feature, you have the chance to search for dedicated hashtags and even define your search with filters, like a specific time frame, country, number of followers and more.

By using Collabary’s Content Discovery, we searched for the hashtag Halloween and filtered for content that was uploaded between October 1st and 31st 2019 by creators with more than 196k followers. After that, we sorted the results by the highest engagement rate. Below, you can see a little sneak peek of what the feature looks like and what kind of content you can find with using the applied filters.


Collabary’s Content Discovery


1. Abby Roberts, United Kingdom

Abby Roberts is an 18 years old girl living in the United Kingdom. She’s creating very extraordinary and outstanding make-up looks like every day, but for the spooky season, she decided to upload a new Halloween look daily – starting October 1st when she styled herself as Tate from Murder House.

Photo credit: Abby Roberts

Abby’s 1.1 million followers gave her almost 240k likes for that look and by doing so, created a very high engagement rate of 21%.


2. Marion Moretti, France

Marion Moretti is a French make-up artist and YouTuber with 674k followers on Instagram. On her account, she’s presenting very colorful make-up looks and shows how to do them on your own. Marion used products of some very well-known beauty brands, like Anastasia Beverly Hills and KKWBEAUTY, and even collaborated with a contact lenses provider called Fashion Lentilles to create this amazing Halloween style.

Photo credit: Marion Moretti

By having 674k followers on Instagram, 67k likes make an engagement rate of 10%.


3. Lisa-Marie Schiffner, Austria

Last but not least, Lisa-Marie Schiffner is also 18 years old and living in Austria. She decided to provide an impressive number of 1.2 million people following her daily content on Instagram with some special looks for Halloween. Lisa-Marie not just did the skull make-up on herself, but even put it onto Noah Schiffner’s face, who is her brother – see yourself.

Photo credit: Lisa-Marie Schiffner

As we already mentioned, with 1.2 million followers generating 189k likes for the skull look, Lisa-Marie managed to reach an engagement rate of 16%.


Want to source inspiring influencer content for your next seasonal campaign? Check out Collabary’s Content Discovery or send us an email to hello@collabary.com and we’ll get back to you. Looking forward to hearing from you!