Guest Writer: Masha Medusa & Why We Should Work With Small Brands

In another instalment of guests writers on the blog, we caught up with Frankfurt fashionista and sneakerhead Masha. She decided to pursue a career as a style blogger from a young age and is now reaping the rewards with choice of who to work with. She loves representing local brands, so we asked her to tell us more. In her own words. Enjoy!

Who is Masha?

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Let’s start with some facts about myself: I’m Masha, 24 years old and based in Frankfurt.

My journey started when I founded my fashion blog “Masha Medusa” and the according instagram profile two years ago.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in fashion, styling and photography. Therefore I decided to risk going broke and began working as a fashion blogger really early on. It’s crazy to think that my (once small) hobby has become such a huge part of the person who I am now.

What does Masha do?


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I focus on an overall look, styling vintage pieces, with the hottest new collections and combine that with my favourite sneakers.

My love for sneakers leads me to work with sportswear brands such as Adidas Originals, Puma, NIKE, as well as local publications and stores such as Praise Mag, 43einhalb, Asphaltgold, afew Store, Overkill and many more.

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Although many dream of collaborating with big players in the sneaker scene; for me it is also very important to support smaller businesses and local dealers.

I believe it is important to put them on the map – to show what they have to offer.

Their creativity deserves to be shown to a more diverse, not only sneaker-loving, audience. I admire exceptional, outstanding designs and concepts, and I am always impressed by the retailers’ love of bringing an item to life and expressing its characteristics, instead of just promoting it.

Why does she do it?


By shooting editorials with pieces from local fashion brands and by providing my followers with some ‘must-sees’ hotspots like the 25hours hotel, or my favourite bars and restaurants like Maxie Eisen, Yokyok, Berger Streetfood, I get the chance to change people’s view of the grey, anonymous and bank-dominated city Frankfurt.

In this way, my blog does not only show clothes and styles, but also my life and contribution to all the incredibly cool sneaker blogs and local businesses out there.


Unlike other fashion verticals; the sneaker scene is more about a community and the feeling of belonging. We are like a big family and I enjoy working with friends in order to create authentic content that appeals to people like us.

Due to the feedback from my like-minded followers and colleagues, my work comes with a lot of fun and is much more than just networking. I’ve built and grown real friendships and enjoy being part of a movement by adding my own accent to it and representing the dirty but beautiful streets of Frankfurt.

To see Masha in action, watch the latest FRAMED episode online now by Paul Sydow. #CollabaryCommunity

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