Getting the most from your influencer content

Think beyond the feed

 As a brand, when you choose to work with a content creator, you’re effectively partnering up with a creative superhero. A good content creator will be a photographer, writer, stylist, trend-spotter, art director, model, communications specialist and lots more clever and compelling things rolled into one.

So, with such a creative force on your side, why do most brands seem to do so little with the amazing stories they are co-creating? Too many brands are producing stunning original content, but then allowing it to drift quickly out of existence, as an Instagram feed rolls on to the next thing.

What if one big problem at the heart of social media influencing is that too many brands are focussing too heavily on the ‘social media’ bit, and not taking a more holistic view?


 Through the line thinking

 So, if the bare minimum you and your content creator partners can do with your story is share it on social media, how can you get even more value from your relationship together?

 Well, it would only be a mild exaggeration to say that the possibilities are endless. If the content you develop together began with a bigger picture in mind then everything from your email newsletter, to your website, to big out-of-home campaigns are possible.

In fact, with the physical retail space embracing more and more ways to cross into the digital world, your influencer content even has a valuable role to play at the point of purchase.

And that is just a handful of ways that your content can do important and inspiring work for your brand beyond the boundaries of a social media feed. Just take a look at some of the work Collabary has done with the likes of Wrangler and Dorothy Perkins to see how something as simple as social content crossing through to an ecommerce website can make a big difference.


Doing it the right way

Now, while there are amazing opportunities to make influencer content work way beyond social media, brands also have a responsibility to make sure their content creators are happy with how, and where, their creativity is being used. There is a clear necessity for brands to think carefully about image rights and intellectual property at the beginning of any relationship with a content creator.

There are a huge amount of things to agree on with your content creators, from regional use of content and the reuse of images, to the types of media that are included in your arrangement (this website is particularly useful for finding out more about the types of things you may want to consider).

However you approach it, it’s key to remember that trying to squeeze more than you’ve paid for out of an influencer is not only going to damage that relationship, it also exposes your brand to a difficult conversation with the very audience whose trust you are trying to earn. Content creators, you see, are rarely slow to hide their displeasure at brands treating them unfairly.

And after all, no one really wants to upset a superhero do they.