German Influencers Launching Brands – 4 Female Power Labels You Want To Get Your Hands On

It is becoming more and more conspicuous, many of the big names in German influencer business have already built up a second foothold or are starting to do so. They often remain true to their industry or categories, which they also serve on Instagram and Co. Meaning that fashion influencers establish their own fashion brands, food bloggers write cookbooks or beauty YouTubers create their own make-up lines. The possibilities are so diverse that there are hardly any limits to the ideas.

Because the creators already have a very large reach and a loyal fan base, marketing is virtually done by itself or at least forms the best basis. But what’s the real work behind and why do content creators even start to create their own brands? In this article, we collected 4 impressive examples. Keep your eyes open, you want to get your hands on these items!


1. Vicky Heiler with Viktoria Louise

Photo credit & cover: Vicky Heiler for VIKTORIA LOUISE

For 9 years the 28-year-old Vicky Heiler runs her personal blog “Bikinis & Passports“, where she writes about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and traveling. It all started as a travel diary for friends and family until it turned out that other people are also interested in Vicky and her life. 

Thanks to the growth of her blog, Instagram channel and other projects such as her own magazine and an agency, Vicky has been able to concentrate fully on her work as a freelance blogger and social media consultant since 2014.

But despite her many mainstays, Vicky has had another dream since childhood: her very own fashion label. Through her work with social media, this desire for something tangible has been consolidated in recent years.

Thus, Vicky launched her brand “VIKTORIA LOUISE” in June 2019, which not only bears her name but also stands for what she embodies and likes to wear: high-quality, simple as well as timeless parts that a fashion-conscious woman can wear on various occasions. Within a few weeks, the Instagram channel of VIKTORIA LOUISE reached more than 4k followers, which is of course partly due to Vicky’s private 128,000 account – because she herself says that her reach on social media forms the basis of the concept for her label.

The pieces are produced from high-quality materials in Turkey and Portugal, according to European standards. The first collection captivates with clear colors and forms as well as the high demand for modern visualization.

Vicky not only managed to develop her hobby into a business idea but was also able to realize the dream of her own fashion brand.


2. Karin Teigl with CYK by ConstantlyK

Photo credit: Karin Teigl for CYK

Karin Teigl, better known as constantly_k, has a reach of 176k followers on Instagram and manages to thrill this crowd every day with her fancy outfits. Only a few years ago the 35-year-old Austrian started her blog of the same name including the shop and what we would like to say: we feel true girl boss vibes over here. Karin started by selling T-shirts, which quickly turned out to be just the starting point and not the goal.

At the beginning of 2019, it was already clear, it was coming, ConstantlyK’s fashion brand and in March it has already happened, CYK went live with the first ready-to-wear collection on the market. Like Karin herself, the pieces are characterized by their modern and edgy features, versatile in their combination, but certainly always eye-catching. She also pays attention to conscientious production with high-quality fabrics. However, these pieces are much more striking and following the “logomania” trend. Making shirt dress, track pants, mom jeans, biker shorts, and Co. even more eye-catching, but still suitable for everyday use – so-called streetwear. Because in contrast to Vicky’s pieces, Karin’s collection fits rather into the category “street style” and thus always provides the certain factor of presence, by which one, the person who’s wearing it will probably never sink in the masses – just like Karin doesn’t.


3. Aylin König with by Aylin König 

Photo credit: Aylin König for by Aylin König

With more than half a million followers, Aylin König is one of Germany’s most wide-ranging content creators and she also has her own blog, which she has been successfully using for several years. Since 2014, her fans have had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Aylin’s life, get taken by her on trips and events, and learn more about fashion and lifestyle topics. She always pays attention to a high level of quality, no matter if it’s about pictures or texts.

This is also reflected in Aylin’s collection. Launched in 2018, “by Aylin König” has been fascinating customers with its high quality and multifaceted looks ever since. With this brand, one can really speak of versatility, as it combines many styles in one, other than the previously mentioned ones. Aylin’s shop offers everything from batik shirts and satin skirts to knitted sweaters. What is also immediately noticeable is that there are never many pieces online, which can be concluded from the slogan “quality, less quantity”.


4. Nina Schwichtenberg with BANÚ

Photo credit: Nina Schwichtenberg for BANÚ

Nina Schwichtenberg and her partner Patrick Kahlo already run the fashion blog “fashiioncarpet” together and with over 320,000 followers on Instagram they are more than successful. Now, these two will also launch their first own fashion brand “BANÚ” in a few days, on 21st July 2019.

The brand’s account advertises that the pieces reflect 100% Nina and her style – noble, elegant, simple and for every day, i.e. fashion for “conscious women who are interested in beautiful and wearable clothes with a special twist in design”.

So we are very excited to see what awaits us in the next few days and where the journey for Nina, Patrick and BANÚ will take us. In one aspect we can be sure: that the collection will meet very high standards and that the simple elegance will probably be well received by loyal fans as well as new customers.



In summary, it can be said that German fashion influencers are logically interested in fashion and after many years in the business, they were able to establish themselves as public figures on the market. Due to the large reach and loyal community that they often have with their followers, they have a marketing tool at their fingertips that, once pushed off, runs virtually by itself.

However, you should make sure that you remain true to your style and your line because that is what often bonds the followers to their influencers. If you stay in your area of expertise, it shouldn’t be difficult to maintain your authenticity and to enthuse not only followers but also new customers for your label.

If the pieces then still meet a high-quality standard and are produced fairly and with good materials, there is hardly anything standing in the way of long-term success. These facts often make customers even more willing to pay a higher price for the exclusive pieces.

Finally, of course, it has to be said that as a content creator you often have friends from the same industry who like to help with the marketing of their colleagues’ products, which also greatly expands the reach of these brands – one hand washes the other.

We wish Vicky, Karin, Aylin, and Nina all the best with their brands and are curious to see the next collections.