The DIY Fashion Trend: How to Use it For Your Next Campaign

Photo credit: Jazmin Quaynor


Over the last three months, social media has brought together people from around the world in a way that’s been both heartwarming and inspiring to witness. One of the most interesting aspects of how platforms like Instagram and TikTok have been used can be seen in the surge of do it yourself (DIY) fashion content that creators and regular users alike have been sharing.

Although the movement was initially born out of necessity, DIY fashion has since then become an enduring trend in itself. We don’t see DIY dying out anytime soon, so it may be worth looking at how you can start creating your own DIY campaign or pivot an existing campaign towards this trend. As we recently covered, Collabary has a number of tools to allow you to save time when adapting campaigns, so be sure to read our guide before you implement any of the suggestions we’re about to cover.


What is the DIY Trend Exactly?

While there have been influencers who have built a following by sharing DIY tips on everything from furniture building to homemade cosmetics, the current DIY fashion trend is unique in how widespread it has been adopted. Whether it’s bored art school students or Hollywood celebrities, Instagram users have been jumping at the chance to engage in hands-on fashion projects and share their results with the world.

In addition to the increase in unexpected free time that many of us found ourselves with in the past few months, the DIY trend can also be attributed to the change in many people’s budgets. This has meant that rather than buying new fashion items, many have looked to their current collection of clothing and started to think outside of the box.

Whether it’s through restyling, upcycling, or modifying their wardrobe, users around the world have been showing off how a bit of creativity can make the old new. Now, while this may seem as though it would ultimately be bad for sales, as the following two examples reveal, there are a number of ways brands can use the DIY trend to their advantage. 


Zalando #StyledayFriday

Over the last month, Zalando has been promoting DIY fashion projects with its #StyledayFriday series and partnerships with influencers on both Instagram and TikTok. The weekly #StyledayFriday series offers a DIY theme for users to get involved with. 


Photo credit: Zalando

There are a number of good reasons to offer competitions such as these that are centered around DIY fashion projects. For one, by promoting both creativity and prompting positive productivity, Zalando is positioning itself as an ally to its followers through what may be a difficult time for them. It also allows valuable insights into how followers are styling certain items and help to build a positive community discussion around fashion.


Photo credit: Laura Lora

On TikTok too, Zalando has collaborated with a number of influencers including Laura Lora, a popular content creator with a knack for DIY creations. The videos often feature quick how-to’s on how old clothes can be upcycled to make brand new creations and challenges followers to share their own DIY fashion projects for a chance to win a Zalando voucher.

As the above example shows, the challenge centered around upcycling jeans. These kinds of challenges are a great way for fashion brands to see how crafty users interact with their products and could offer everything from giveaways to vouchers. A denim brand, for example, could share a similar challenge to gauge how users and their community respond to different denim styles and give away new pairs to those with the most impressive creations.


The Tie-Dye Trend


Photo credit: Alexandra Thomas

One particular DIY trend that is sweeping Instagram and TikTok is tie-dye. The enduring appeal of tie-dye is due to the ease of making tie-dye fashion, the uniqueness of every garment, and its affordability. With very little effort, people can bring old or dull clothing back to life. Of course, many content creators have found popularity in sharing branded clothing with their own tie-dye twist, which points toward a great opportunity for brands and influencers to collaborate on.

By recruiting talented DIY and fashion influencers to make their own tie-dye alterations to their clothing, brands can be sure that they have some fresh shareable content that relates to this new trend. There’s even a possibility that influencers’ creations could inspire other users to purchase the same products to replicate the look. 

Perhaps the creations could be used as prizes in a raffle or giveaway, or brands could use the content to kickstart a challenge for followers to tie-dye their own branded items of clothing. No matter how you want to approach the DIY trend, it’s clear that both influencers and users are responding well to the projects. Inspire as much creativity as you can and be sure to celebrate the achievements of your community.


How to Find New Trends Fast

To ensure you find the newest trends, whether for fashion or other categories, as one of the first ones, Collabary’s Content Discovery can be used to find exactly these. By scrolling down to the filter options in the tool, you can specify your search with whatever filters you need or want to apply – for example, having a look at a specific period of time or country, next to gender filter opportunities and the followership. Most importantly, the keywords you want to check have to be inserted in the search bar. 


Source: Collabary Content Discovery

We included ‘#DIY’ and ‘#fashion” and had a look at the timeframe starting on the 1st of April until the 15th of May to see what DIY fashion trends have developed in the past couple of weeks. By refining your searches with further keywords and other desired specifications, you can be sure to find the ideal trends not just fast but early.


What’s Next?

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