Cyber Week: 3 Campaigns to Inspire You for Retail’s Craziest Season

Photo credit: Josh Rawson Harris

In the past decade, Black Friday, and now it’s exclusively online counterpart Cyber Week, have become extremely important events for brands. And like with all online campaigns, influencers are here to help! If your brand is planning any sort of discount codes, sales, or special offers this Cyber Week, here are some posts from last year that will hopefully kickstart some interesting ideas and get you ready for what has become the most important shopping event of the year. 

Even better, if you’re looking for influencers to collaborate with, our Collabary Content Discovery feature is here to save the day!

The Content Discovery is a feature that enables you to find, collect, engage, and repurpose relevant content created by social media influencers. You can search by relevant criteria like designated hashtags, engagement rate, country, number of followers, and basically any other metric your heart desires. The sky is truly the limit in terms of content you can find, collaborate with, or repurpose. 

For this blog, we just simply searched the terms “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” and filtered the results to only show content creators from the DACH region with more than 200K followers. We then constrained the dates of the posts from September to December 2019, so we’d make sure to get relevant Cyber Week collabs. We sorted those posts from highest to lowest engagement rate and that’s all to do! 

Source: Collabary’s Content Discovery

1. Doreen Petrova for Women’s Best

Sometimes when it comes to campaigns, simpler is better. Doreen is a Cologne-based influencer who excels at the monochromatic, minimalist style that has been trending for the past few years in Europe. With 384K Instagram followers interacting at a very respectable 5.2% engagement rate, she’s definitely someone who will give the perfect touch of modernity to your brand. 

Photo credit: Doreen Petrova

Here, Doreen is rocking a fitness set from sportswear brand Women’s Best, and shouting out their 75% off sale to her followers. Again, no need for a showy image or caption here—the collab and the great deal are enough to get her fans excited for Cyber Week!

2. Natalie Bodenstein for Zalando

Not ones to be left out of the Cyber Week conversation, Zalando also launched an all-encompassing campaign for the most important retail event of the year. They tapped 28-year-old, Munich-based fashion influencer Natalie Bodenstein for a simple-yet-effective ad modeling a sweater that matches her classic European style.

Photo credit: Natalie Bodenstein

Natalie’s 27K Instagram followers were able to follow a link in her Stories to take advantage of the deal, which then opened them up to continue shopping on Zalando—a smart strategy when so many fashionable followers are looking to spend during Cyber Week. 

3. Kisu Huyen Trang Tewe for Paul Hewitt

Cyber Week’s most adorable post goes to Kisu, a health and beauty influencer from Cologne, and her super-cute baby Milena. This collab has everything: family, holiday spirit, matching outfits, and the product (in this case, a watch and bracelet from eco-conscious jewelry brand Paul Hewitt) is front and center. Really, A+ content!

Photo credit: Kisu

With 667K followers and a great 3.5% engagement rate, Paul Hewitt was sure to hit the family market through Kisu’s “fashion mom” fanbase. Really smart move for a jewelry brand moving into Christmas season: Kisu’s 77% female followership would be able to shop Cyber Week at a discount, while also inspiring their partners for holiday gift ideas. Genius! 

What’s Next?

We know, Cyber Week can be a lot but we hope this blog helped out! For even more inspiration, make sure to check out our Content Discovery tool and see what pops up. You can always send us an email at with any questions or comments and we’ll be right with you.