Be Cool… But The Next Bread & Butter Is Nearly Here

Something exciting is coming

If you work in social media influencer marketing there are tough decisions to make every day. Does this filter make me look too purple? What hashtag should I use with this picture of my salad? Do people really want to see an Instagram story of me choosing my socks?

Thankfully, if you work in this marvellous industry, there is at least one decision which you should find incredibly easy to make – and that’s to attend the upcoming Bread & Butter on 1st to 3rd September at the Arena Berlin.

What is a Bread & Butter

Now, if you didn’t join us at the last B&&B, we should probably tell you why this is such an important event in your calendar – whether you’re a content creator or a brand looking to connect with someone who is.

The Bread & Butter, which is hosted by Zalando, is a celebration of fashion, culture, music, brands, creativity and amazing, off-beat innovations. It’s also a place where thousands of visitors – from iconic fashion influencers and huge brands (like The Kooples, Converse, Adidas), to people who are simply interested in what’s new – come together for an insider’s view of the most exciting trends and ideas.

(Oh, and there’s some pretty delicious food on offer too.)

Making connections

The Bread & Butter has become an important event for brands looking to make connections and build strong relationships with the influencers who can help them reach their audience in exciting new ways.

And, as well as celebrating Collabary’s first birthday (yey us), we’ll be bringing along some of our most successful content creators, who will be creating and sharing live-campaigns from the event.

But, quite conscious that we can’t really do justice to the buzz, the insights and the great experiences on offer at B&&B, we think it’s best if we just point you in the direction of their website (, and see you there.