Collabary Community: Influencer Q&A – Hannah from @NamasteHannah

Welcome to another Q&A! Our monthly interview series, where we chat to someone we’re really vibin’ right now and someone we’ve met through our community here at Collabary.

This week we spoke with Hannah Müller-Hillebrand, who you may know as @NamasteHannah on Instagram; maybe you’ve also read her blog here. If you don’t know, now you know…

We first met Hannah at B&&B 2018, where she was hanging out with Collabary & Pepe Jeans, but it was her conscious mindset that really captured our curiosity. Hearing of her passion for self-love, yoga and creative workshops inspired us to ask Hannah what she does, outside of what we can see on Instagram.

Collabary: Tell us about how you came to be where you are today and why you started your blog?

Hannah: I started to post pictures on Instagram in 2015 and it kind of evolved into my daily hobby. Then I created my blog in 2016 and continued to share my life, my passion about art, yoga and a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. I love to share my struggles with mental health and self-worth and i am trying to inspire and motivate others, who are going through similar issues.



Collabary: What is it that you strive to achieve with your blog and what makes it different from others?

Hannah: As already mentioned I really want to inspire and motivate women. I want to empower and spread positive vibes. In our society we often put each other down, we doubt ourselves and we think, that we are not good enough, but every single one of us is important. Everyone is so unique, everyone has different talents and everyone is beautiful. I love sharing my own story and interacting with this wonderful community, I feel so grateful to have.

Collabary: Has your own health journey influenced or inspired you to want to help others? If so, why?

Hannah: Yes yes yes. I am still on the journey to be honest. I went through some dark times, including an eating disorder, body dysmorphia and depression. I still suffer from the problems caused by it today. I love spreading awareness about these very serious issues, that are becoming more and more common these days. Because I went through it myself, i know how it feels to be at complete rock bottom and how every day is just another day to get through, how it feels to have no energy and no excitement about life. But I also know, how it feels to be so full of love and light, so balanced and so so happy. That is why I know it is worth fighting through these dark times. I want to share positivity, respect and acceptance.


Collabary: You work a lot on Instagram as a content creator. What has been the biggest learning for you since beginning your Instagram journey?

Hannah: I am still learning how to balance work and pleasure. As a content creator your basically working all the time. You are always online, posting about stuff, writing blogposts, creating stories, answering mails, having Skype calls, meetings, travelling, events, shoots etc. There is something going on ALL THE TIME. It is super amazing and I am really grateful for this chance that I am given. I just sometimes struggle to take time out to really focus on my private life as well.

Collabary: Recently you were asked to begin contributing to Soulsister Mag, a monthly print magazine launching this week. Tell us about that and what in means to you. 

Hannah: When I was approached to be a part of it, I immediately said “Hell yess!” The section that I am representing is called “Free your mind” – it is all about how to get creative and focus on sending positive and calming vibes to your mind. I was able to include my love for art and spread my message that “Everyone is an Artist”. Everyone should get creative and just let their spirit and mind wander. Your mind is such an incredible tool, you can literally create anything in your head. It’s the only thing we have full control over, so why not fill it with positive, inspiring things?! Why not create some art today?

Collabary: Jil Zeletzki is also a contributor to Soulsister, you recently collaborated to create the Soulistic workshop here in Berlin, what’s that about?

Hannah: It’s great to be able to work with likeminded people. Our last workshop was about self love! We had a yoga flow and some self-love exercises, lots of vegan food and just a beautiful circle of women coming together. Jil and I have more projects planned, but nothing specific that we can tell the public just yet… Stay tuned! ✨

Thank you Hannah, for taking the time to talk with us! We will absolutely stay tuned for more collaborations from you and Soulsister Mag.

Interested in reading more from Hannah? Click here to see her latest blog post. 👋🏼 Ciao!