Community: Why We’re Dedicated To Growing Ours

Here at Collabary, it’s a community that we’re growing, not just a platform.

We don’t just connect influencers and brands, we also strive to bring influencers together too. This week was the first step for our community of 2018 and my oh my, do we have a treat for you… On Tuesday we sat down with 25 of our influencers in Berlin à Le Bon for a very special breakfast… Albeit the pancakes being positively delicious, we can promise you we weren’t there simply just for the food. Our goal was to connect with and learn from each other by bringing like minded content creators from our platform together under one roof. Starting a conversation of value, to really share knowledge amongst our group was the main objective and we can happily say it was very much a success…


A quick recap on the morning for all those who missed out…

In case you didn’t see our Instagram story on Tuesday (pop over to our Insta Story Highlight’s right now to see), the location was intimate and we asked two of our favourite influencers to speak, present and share personal experiences in the hope that the influencers listening could learn from it. First speaker? Meet Leni! Marlen Stahlhuth (a.k.a. Leni), a Berlin based photographer, blogger and presenter began her career fresh out of university with a Fashion Journalism degree. Starting a blog simply to keep her family in Hamburg updated soon blossomed into the platform we know and love today called PAPERBOATS. Since the blogs conception she has transformed into a editorial mogul working with clients such as Nylon Mag, BLONDE Mag, INDIE Mag, VICE, adidas and many more.  

Last but certainly not least, we invited Kevin Elezaj, from the coveted lifestyle blog Kevin grew up in Austria, now calling Berlin home where he focuses solely on his blog, creating content and actively sharing this with his 60K following. We asked Leni and Kevin their best practices when it comes to working with brands, remaining professional, building a following all the while maintaining that community. 




Here’s what we learnt…

– Work with brands that align with you personally in order to stay authentic

– Respect the trust brands place in you; don’t disappoint and always be grateful!

– Show a willingness to compromise (they will pay you!) but always know your value

– Leave your ego at the door

– If you have a deadline, stick to it, send your pictures/statistics etc on time

– Act fast. Always answer brands or agencies via email as quickly as possible!

– Be creative but remember to give yourself a break

And our last learning?

Well, connecting influencers with influencers makes magic, too. It’s important to talk openly about personal experience, success stories and failures, in order to grow! If you want to remain authentic in an oversaturated digital world, you’ve got to care about the work you do, who you work with and how you can develop together.

We care about our influencers and sitting down face to face is and always will be a priority. In the current age of automisation, spending quality time IRL is more important than ever!  In the meantime, we are very much looking forward to more events; events with influencers, events with brands, events with brands AND influencers… Much to come.

Thank you to all of our influencers who joined us this week. Until next time, tschüss!