Collabary Micro Influencer Breakfast: The Debrief – August Edition

This month we sat down with fifty of our Berlin based influencers for breakfast. Why? Well because we value our community of content creators here at Collabary, and when it comes to value, it’s not about the price to us. First and foremost, we’re a team here behind the app, not just a platform.

Our biggest priority is to educate and inspire our influencers to make an impact. Creating conversations that are insightful is key, as well as facilitating new collaborations. 

Face to face is a game changer — a handshake and smile can go a mile when you’re gunning for that first impression. The more we professionally put ourselves out there, in real life, the better chance we have at being top of someone’s mind when the next job crops up.

Creating an event in which this dialogue could flow, we decided to add two guest speakers to the mix, one internal Collabary expert and one freelance fashion photographer hand picked to inspire. We discussed the importance of establishing sustainable relationships in the fashion industry and settled on the idea that it is not what you know, but who you know. However, it is important now more than ever to invest in interpersonal skills. So we did just that, over coffee and croissants, of course. 

Two massive super stars we would especially like to highlight are as follows…

One of our very own, Sophie Furlotti attended the event to share with the group on behalf of Collabary’s Account Management team. She brought to the table a Masters in International Brand Strategy & Marketing and professional experience in France and Berlin.  Sophie gave us a deeper look at how campaigns are measured and thus, how we can have the most impact as influencers when working professionally. We hope creating this dialogue to discuss the ways in which we scale our success help you as a content creator to achieve your best results yet… Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Sophie!

Emilie Elizabeth, freelance fashion photographer, brought with her over a decade of experience in the industry, working professionally in New York, Los Angeles and now Berlin. She shared with us her experience of navigating through the creative industries as a photographer, before Instagram even existed. We hope that we were able to plant a few seeds for future partnerships! Thank you for bringing us in your world Emilie, we feel richer for it.

Most importantly, we want to say one tremendous thank you to our community for showing up, for listening and for learning this month. Making the time to connect with the content creators in your community shows respect and we hope you will stay in touch for future collaborations. We think you all rock!

P.S. Smile of the day goes to Chez.Amelie…