Collabary Micro Influencer Breakfast: The Debrief

Here at Collabary we have a strong community of influencers which is growing larger and spreading wider each and every day of the week.

That’s why we believe in providing opportunities for our influencers to learn, grow and above all, connect. We’re not just a platform, we’re a community; one that built that this remarkable platform we work on. Our community is the foundations of we collaborate and how we will continue to do so in the future. 

Last Wednesday morning in Kreuzberg, Berlin we sat down for breakfast with fifty of our influencers. The intention; to get to know some of our community on a deeper level, while hopefully learning something new together along the way.

Having hosted our first #CollabaryBreakfast event earlier this year (choosing to invite micro influencers in particular), we stuck to the theme but doubled the guest list. The event was a roaring success.

We get it. Influencers are invited to a lot of events. Too many to attend and compete with, in our opinion, which is why we simply choose not to compete… Instead, we like to ask ourselves, “where and how can we offer value to our influencers?” That’s the vision, not only to boost how we influence, but to use it in a valuable and positive way.




The location was as industrial and urban as ever; guests moving through a concrete walkway to arrive at an expansive loft-style setting. Music was playing, coffee was flowing and Collabary was there to warmly welcome everyone inside.

Kicking off the event was two of Collabary’s own Account Managers, Nicole & Vivi. We decided to share the criteria by which influencers are measured on when brands select for a campaign. We broke the measurements down into four different factors:

-Look & brand fit


-Past co-operations

– Pricing


We want our influencers (that’s you!) to succeed just as much as their Instagram fans do, so… Explaining exactly what we look for when casting and what brands really want is key to us. It’s important for us to share our perspective on what Influencer’s can realistically ask of a brand. We hope to enable a joint understanding of what is expected from a Collabary Influencer.




Feedback we received following our first breakfast in May, was that our influencers wanted to hear more from the platforms that enable opportunity. So, we decided to ask our friends at Pinterest if they could teach our influencers on how to nurture and boost their influence even more. Anna, the Community Marketing Manager for DACH from Pinterest, taught us how to do the following:

-Expand the reach of your domain content on Pinterest

-Increase your profile performance

-Leverage partnership for additional reach

-Shop the Look




And what did we learn? Community is key. Now go and check out our Instagram story of the event 😉