Collabary Community: Brand Q&A Timberland EU at Bread&&Butter 2018

Following the buzz of Bread&&Butter 2018 and scintillating discussions surrounding Sustainability, we were inspired to dig a bit deeper and learn a little more on how we can make a difference.

We spoke to Argu Secilmis, VP Global Marketing, at Timberland, who created an entirely green landscape on event at B&&B 2018.

The Timberland experience invited guests to create their own collection piece in collaboration with Christopher Raeburn and build their own terrarium while they were at it.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world, behind only fossil fuel energy production? Did you also know that the industry is responsible for 10 percent of the carbon footprint of the world? Well, luckily Timberland is well aware and also taking seismic steps to create global change.

The brand, who have shown great commitment to responsible and sustainable production, just launched “My Playgreen” which is a five-year funding program. The program supports the preservation and maintenance of green spaces for local communities in the five largest cities in Europe. Imagine if all brands did this! Every bit helps.

The #TimberlandPark at B&&B 2018 was covered in green and guests were invited to learn about the brands new program MY PLAYGREEN.

We had the chance to catch up with Argu talking about creating consciously, making a positive environmental impact within fashion industry and of course, all things #InfluencerMarketing.

Collabary: What is the most important discussion happening in the fashion industry right now?

Argu: Right now, it’s totally the topic of responsible fashion. Meaning the use of recycled and ethical materials, as well as sustainability over all.

Collabary: If you could change one thing about the fashion industry what would that be and why?

Argu: I want to reduce the waste produced by the fashion industry.

Collabary: If you could help the world in one way through Timberland’s impact, what would it be?

Argu: Invest more to create better environments for everyone, both our consumers and employees. We’ve just launched “My Playgreen” which is a five-year funding program. It supports the preservation and maintenance of green spaces for local communities, so it’s a good start.

Collabary: What is something as a brand you are doing to focus on sustainability in the fashion industry?

Argu: Well, we only use leather from certified tanneries, for one. We use recycled PVC in our soles and are using more and more organic and better cotton for our garments.

Collabary: What do you see happening for the future of fashion and in particular influencer marketing?

Argu: I see more personalisation in campaigns, such as product capsule collections, with influencers.

Collabary: Speaking on behalf of your brand, how do you enjoy working with influencers on campaigns?

Argu: We love working with influencers, especially with those who feel the brand and enjoy working with us as well. We aim to create a good and healthy relationship with them and it makes a huge difference! We don’t like to look at influencers as advertising spaces, instead we’re looking for people who really get the brand and love it as much as we do.

@enlilisik rocking a handmade tote which he created on event at B&&B 2018 at the #TimberlandPark in collaboration with Christopher RÆBURN.


B&&B go-getters snapping content at the #TimberlandPark.

Collabary: When working with influencers, what are some hidden benefits that other brands don’t know?

Argu: Building true relationships with influencers is key, as naturally they will want to become endorsers of your brand. This could then lead to welcoming their friends and peers to become involved with the brand too.

Collabary: Do you believe it is important to create long lasting relationships with influencers and why?

Argu: Absolutely, influencers, just like customers, need to understand and love your brand and products to become real ambassadors, otherwise there is no difference between them and an advertising page.


@to_hold_deer giving it a go on the sewing machine to create an exclusive Timberland tote in collaboration with Christopher RÆBURN.


Exclusive Timberland x Christopher RÆBURN product made on site at B&&B 2018 at the #TimberlandPark.

Collabary: What is the value you can except when working with Collabary to bring your campaign to life?

Argu: Collabary gives Timberland the ability to identify and collaborate with influencers who are a strong fit to the brand. Collabary also helps to raise awareness and engagement of the campaign through authentic content. Authenticity is so important.

Thank you Argu, for taking the time to talk with us! We are stoked to be working with Timberland and see how the brand is tackling global change right now.

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👋🏼 Ciao, until next time!