Collabary Community: Influencer Q&A Willy Iffland

Hello blog readers! It is officially February and we have another interview for you this month. Introducing Willy Iffland. Willy is originally from Germany, was born and raised in Rudolstadt and is one of the many talented Content Creators on our app. His latest campaign with Napapijri caught our eye with its infectious yellow energy. We decided to get to know this ball of sunshine a little better. In his own words. Enjoy!

Collabary: You are a freelance creative; content creator, sometimes videographer on YouTube and Instagram style blogger. Tell us about how you came to be where you are today on Instagram?

Willy: I was always interested in fashion and lifestyle things. My biggest wish was to become somebody who is a role model for people from all over the world, especially depends on street style and sneaker stuff. That was my goal since I got my first pair of used Jordans from my older brother back in the days. I worked hard over the years for it, doing this for almost 11 years now but the fastest growing period was the last 2 ½ years where everything changed for me in a positive way.

Collabary: What is it that you strive to achieve with your content on Instagram, what makes them different from others on the internet right now?

Willy: To be honest: I don’t mess with other people, because I’m focused on my own stuff. Sure, I have a lot of inspiration in my feed from people all over the world who help me develop my content better and better, but at the end of the day, I’m just doing my thing and it works. Maybe it’s my smile compared to other people in the scene, which helps me to gain more followers, I don’t know 😀

Collabary: What are your plans for your Instagram channel? Do you like to visualise your next steps and goals? What is your process?

Willy: As I said before, I just do my thing, I don’t plan any stuff in advance, but for sure I have focus on video content in the future, because the range is bigger with that and it makes a lot of fun. Video content for the win 😀

Collabary: What do you think is an important change happening in the fashion industry right now?

Willy: The risk is high, that the fashion industry is becoming more and more superficial. Currently, it is important that people try to find their own style and not try to imitate everything the next one does. In today’s fast-paced world of fashion, it’s also hard to keep track of things. Focus on the things you like, not the things others like. That’s important.

Collabary: How often do you use the Collabary platform? What is the value in our community and technology for you?

Willy: Collabary is a platform that really helps me grow and do the jobs I’ve always wanted. What could be better for someone than to work with the brands that they wear anyway? In any case, not much and that’s exactly why I like Collabary so much. In 9/10 cases the campaigns fit me perfectly and that’s why I really like the platform.

Collabary: How do you maintain a unique style when working with a number of brands?

Willy: Very good question, I always try to approach the matter in a relaxed manner. Just because there are different brands I work with doesn’t mean that it hinders me in my work. On the contrary, I get a lot of inspiration from the different brands and you often discover things that you wouldn’t have had on your screen. And sometimes you can even combine different things you would never have come across otherwise. If I was honest, I would never have bought a jacket from Napapijri if I hadn’t collaborated. This made me an absolute fan, no joke. That’s really great.

Willy: What do you think is the most valuable thing that an influencer can give their loyal followers?

Willy: In our job it’s important to educate people, of course it’s great to have new clothes, shoes or gadgets, but at the end of the day it’s not what’s important in life. You already have a certain educational mission that you should take seriously. And that is exactly what I want to convey to my followers. Enjoy life, but don’t forget the important things.

Collabary: Who is someone you’d love to have coffee with?

Willy: Eminem, my childhood hero and one of my all-time favourite artists 😀

Collabary: If you could help the world in one way through your Social Media following, what would it be?

Willy: To teach people and to burn in that it is important to be careful with the earth. We only have this one planet and please do not destroy it.

Collabary: What do you see happening for the future of fashion and in particular influencer marketing?

Willy: An interesting market that is constantly changing. No matter in which respect it develops, it will grow. Unfortunately, I cannot predict exactly what this will look like. I hope, of course, that I can continue to have this privilege for the rest of my life to earn my living, if not, then I can live with it 🙂 It is important to understand that there is also a world without social media out there. And if we don’t pay attention, we will miss so much what we would have liked to see otherwise.

Thank you, Willy! If you want to see what he’s doing on YouTube, check his channel out here. ✨