Collabary Community: Influencer Q&A at Bread&&Butter 2018

This year at Bread&&Butter 2018, we caught up with some of our influencers on the ground Richy, Theo and Hannah.

We discussed making an impact on social media; inspired by our latest campaign with Pepe Jeans, who released an eco-collection ‘Wiser Wash’.

Wiser Wash is a revolutionary development process that eliminates the use of pumice stone and toxic chemicals involved in traditional washing.

There is no stone washing; and full decolorisation is achieved without corrosive chemicals, using less than a cup of water, which itself is recycled.

We believe in using your influence for the global good, so we were proud to hear how mindful these three are in doing their part, too!

How do you make an impact using your social media influence?

Share your sustainability story on Instagram and tag #CollabaryCommunity so we can see!