19 Weeks Until Christmas: Start Planning Your Holiday Campaigns

Photo credit: Roberto Nickson

Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling? Probably not, as it’s still August, and with the current heatwave pummeling Europe, Christmas seems as far away as ever. But that doesn’t mean that you should wait until the last moment to start thinking about your holiday influencer campaigns! 

The truth is, holiday campaigns are getting booked earlier and earlier each year. With influencer marketing becoming more and more popular among forward-thinking brands, you could easily find yourself in a “you snooze, you lose” scenario. Luckily, we here at Collabary have the perfect guide to make sure all your holiday marketing initiatives go as smoothly as the pure driven snow on the most perfect Christmas morning. Just follow these simple tips below!

Start Looking Now

Already at this time of year, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any traditional media still available for holiday marketing campaigns. This is where influencer marketing can really make a difference for brands looking for exciting opportunities come Christmas. While most influencers with large followings have already begun to amass corporate requests for end-of-year campaigns, the field is still relatively open. Feel free to browse Collabary’s Creator Discovery to help you find the influencer that is right for the promotion you have in mind—you’ll be able to filter by criteria like engagement, follower count, and age, so you’ll be able to zero in on your ideal creator.

Source: Collabary Creator Discovery

Get Organized Now 

Obviously, planning a big Christmas campaign months in advance can get hectic—there are posts to schedule, photos to edit, and copy to approve. Collabary’s Campaign Manager is a huge help in this area, as it guides you through every step of your campaigns seamlessly, from mood-boarding, to post scheduling, to influencer payment. You can stay in touch with your influencers to make sure your team stays on the same page, and of course, it’s fully integrated with every other facet of the Collabary experience, so you’ll have an easy overview of the entire project from start to finish. 

The Proof Is In the (Christmas) Pudding

By using these tools, your path to a successful influencer marketing campaign is just that much easier. Last year, Collabary linked up with two brands for Christmas campaigns that did outstandingly well—and they serve as perfect case studies for this type of promotion. 

BLUE SEVEN and Julina March

Kids apparel brand BLUE SEVEN asked German mom influencer Julina March to document what kind of things she and her family are usually doing during the Christmas season. What they got was Julina and her children as they baked holiday cookies in their kitchen. It’s this kind of wholesome content that feels like holidays and gives the followers an authentic insight into the influencer’s life while promoting the brand’s products but, on the other hand, is easy to coordinate. 

Photo credit: julinamarch

Estée Lauder Gift Finder on Zalando

A more in-depth collaboration was with the 13 influencers that made up Zalando’s Estée Lauder Gift Finder campaign. They coordinated 13 Instagram carousel posts and 14 Stories to compose a touching and compelling narrative of gifting Estée Lauder products to loved ones. Images of the influencers embracing their friends and family followed up with crisp shots of the gifts that really hammered home the holiday spirit.

Photo credit: carina

Of course, coordinating that number of influencers for one campaign has the potential to be an extreme issue, but everything was able to be pulled off without a hitch within the Campaign Manager.

Photo credit: laura_notlemeyer

What’s Next?

Holiday campaigns take a lot of preparation, but they don’t have to be a nightmare by any means. Aren’t the holidays stressful enough? Use these tips, the Campaign Manager and your own imagination to ace your promos and end 2020 in style.

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