The Cheat Sheet – Tips And Tricks To Smash YouTube (Not Literally)

If you read last week’s blog on how to be ridiculously good at influencer marketing with YouTube, then you’ll know that the Collabary team have got a bee in our bonnet right now about the power of that particular platform. youSo while we talked last week about the best strategies for YouTubing the heck out of your campaigns, this week we’re bringing back the trusty Collabary Cheat Sheet to give you five of our favourite YouTube tips to make your video content totally un-skippable.


1. Understanding (and definitely not ‘beating’) the algorithm

If you’re sick to death of articles claiming to help you ‘beat’ a social media platform’s algorithm, then don’t worry. We’re sick to death of that too.

Instead, we think the key to good YouTube strategy is getting to know how the algorithm works, to give your posts the very best chance of succeeding.

The YouTube algorithm decides which videos viewers will discover first in a search, as well as what videos will be offered to them in other areas of the platform.

The best place for your video to feature is (high up) in the search results, on the homepage or in the trending stream.

But remember, the algorithm isn’t your enemy, it’s there to help make sure viewers are being offered the video content they will most want to see. That’s because the YouTube algorithm is built around audience feedback – primarily, something like a high watch time for a video or channel will naturally boost its standing in the search results.

It rewards content that captivates viewers by offering it up to lots of similar viewers at the right time. So, in other words, create content that people can’t take their eyes off and you’ll get the algorithm on your side. You want more YouTube tips? We thought so!


2. Find your rhythm with video uploads

No matter how amazing your video content may be, it’s going to underperform if you haven’t got the ‘boring bit’ sorted out too – by which we mean your posting schedule.

Typically, there is no golden rule for scheduling video uploads. Some content creators spend so much time and effort creating amazing effects for their video, anything more than one post a week would leave them little time to sleep or search for Pokémon.

Vloggers, on the other hand, operate in a low-maintenance medium (sort out your eyeliner, tidy the bedroom floor a bit and press record) and can therefore upload more frequently.

Having a regular schedule is key because, as much as you want your subscribers to be excited about your next post, you don’t want them to be getting increasingly bored while they wait for it to arrive.

Youtube tips


3. Super boost your video SEO

It is amazing how many brands and content creators are missing a huge and valuable SEO trick on YouTube. To a lot of people, SEO is still just about stuffing the right keywords into your written blog, and doesn’t have much impact on moving content.

Luckily, there are small but significant YouTube tips you can follow to make sure your video is ticking the box in terms of SEO, as well as inspiring content.

The easiest of these is to simply click on Subtitles/CC caption beneath the play button, set your language and then you’ll be given options for adding close captions to your content – ranging from uploading a transcript, to typing the subtitles in while you watch the video, to asking a paid service to do it for you.


4. Getting engaged

People are watching more than 1 billion hours of YouTube every single day. But how much of that viewing time could accurately be described as ‘engaged’ – and therefore valuable from an influencer marketing point of view.

One smart way to try and boost your content’s engagement is to add a card to your video, which is one of those little pop-up boxes you’ve undoubtedly seen while watching videos about clumsy cats.

The cards can be used to encourage interaction or simply grab attention, and can function on both the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube.

You’ll find the option to add a card in the Creator Studio, where all you need to do is click on Video Manager where you can choose, edit, add and position your card.


5. Happy endings 

You can add an end screen to any video you upload to YouTube. These screens appear during the last 20 seconds of the video and are a perfect space to promote other videos, content or even your social media activity away from YouTube.

Again, you’ll need to go into the Video Manager, click the Edit option and choose End Screen & Annotations.

There are a few (not loads) of options for how you can create your end screen, but basically you can choose between selecting a specific element from your content, copying and pasting the end screen from a different video or simply using one of the many YouTube templates you’ll find on Google.

Youtube Tips