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The Cheat Sheet… Settling The Blog Or No-Blog Debate

Some say you don’t need a blog to be an influencer

Take a look at this handy counter and you can see just how many people publish to their blog, in real time, each day.

Depending on when you click, you’re probably going to see a pretty enormous number.

(And, if you’re like us, you get a bit hypnotised by watching that number get bigger every second.)

So, we know a lot of blogs are being written – but we’re not convinced that they’re all being read.

In fact, even many of those that are being looked at aren’t actually being ‘read’ – with 43% of people admitting they simply skim through a blog article.

The reality is people are busy and long form content is, well, long. What’s more, starting up a blog is a huge commitment.

If we’re being honest, a blog is going to take a long time before it starts to reap reward.

Why bother with a blog when you can jump Instagram and get in front of a billion people instantly? 

72% of online marketers say that regular, relevant content creation is their most effective SEO tactic. 

But what else is there on top of the enormous audience? In-built analytics, shopping tools and a perfect platform for brands to track you down for collaborations.

So, as an article by Fashionista so eloquently puts it: ‘If the Instagrammer’s #brand is good and gets high engagement, then a blog may be obsolete’. Case closed.


to blog or not to blog


Some say the blog is alive and well

Although blogging has been rumoured ‘dead’ every year for the past decade, it’s in surprisingly good health…

Instead of being Instagram’s unfashionable cousin, blogs offer something that even a billion-users in the palm your hand can’t – ownership.

If the daily blog counter puts you off from starting one, imagine your poor post whizzing its way along the Instagram feed along with millions of other distractions?

What a blog offers is the chance to build your own personal brand in more depth. It’s a space that belongs entirely you to, where you can showcase your personality.

Yes, your blog isn’t going to have a billion people marching through every post – but it will be there, demonstrating your qualities as an influencer, to any brand who is searching for someone just like you to work with.  

And, as brands are starting to get much more rigorous about researching the influencers they want to work with, a regularly-maintained blog could be the difference between a booking and an overlooking. The defense rests.


We say…

Like any truly heated debate, there are good points on both sides of the argument.

But, we suppose, the only thing that really matters is what a blog would do for you.

In the beginning of the blogosphere, it was a place where people could share the things that mattered to them . People could express who they were to anyone who cared to listen.

Social media may have brought that same degree of self-expression into the mainstream. However, it seems like there’s still – and always will be – a role and a need for blogs.

In practical terms, for anyone looking to make money for social media influencing a blog is an easy thing to monetize, through tools like Google AdSense and Amazon Associates.

Also, if influencer marketing is about being discoverable, a blog that’s optimized for SEO can help to boost your ranking in search engines.

What it all comes down to is the all-important word that props up the influencer marketing industry – authenticity.

If you are blogging because that’s an authentic expression of who you are and what you love then, it’s absolutely right for you.

Likewise, if you feel like a blog is a tick-box exercise for being an influencer – then we’re not sure it’s a good idea for you.

Our verdict: it’s a draw. Now let’s all have a hug.


to blog or not to blog