The Cheat Sheet… 3 Instagram Hacks You Need & Crimes To Cut

Looking for Instagram hacks? Perhaps it’s time to dig a bit deeper and acknowledge the Instagram crimes being committed instead…

While buying followers and sneakily using bots are probably the biggest no-no’s for any genuine social media influencer…. There are a few other mistakes you could be making that can undermine your credibility. Both with your audience and with brands looking to work with you! Here are some of our favourite Instagram hacks. 

1. Hashtag dumping 

Back in the day (i.e. 2012) no one would bat an eyelid at the same chunk of hashtags being copied and pasted into every single post. 

Today, it’s a sign of someone not putting a huge amount of effort into their content. Plus, it’s also telling a billion Instagram users that you’re not too sure what hashtags are actually for…Of all the Instagram hacks there are, this is the most important to remember. 

Hashtags are an excellent way to make your account more discoverable – and therefore boost your following. And given that, since their algorithm change, up to 70% of all Instagram posts are never even seen, it’s something you need to get right.

But in 2018, flooding your caption with the same 30 hashtags (the Instagram limit) on every post is going to make you seem less, not more, engaging. 

Instead, focus your energy on the hashtags that are completely relevant to a.) you as a content creator and b.) the specific subject you’re posting about. 

And remember, the tags you use are an extension of your tone of voice. Get creative and use hashtags you think of yourself, as well as the popular ones, in your subject area. Told you we would deliver Instagram hacks…


2. Cloning

Whether we’re talking handbags or social media influencers, nobody likes a knock off. 

And it’s fair to say that some people are happy to call themselves influencers while systematically aping the style, voice and imagination of true content creators. 

In fairness, total originality in a platform where 95 million pictures and videos are posted every day is not easy, And, if your bid to stand out actually takes you too far away from who you really are then that’s not going to work either.

The best way to avoid being a clone is to build your own Instagram DNA – the things that will make your presence on social media uniquely yours. 

We’re not saying you should stop taking inspiration – just make sure you’re only doing your thing, not theirs. Of all the Instagram hacks we know, this will keep you grounded. 

(Especially as, like fashion influencer Jennifer Lake recently did with a persistent clone, you should probably expect to get called out on it!)


3. Comment ghosting 

Producing something to excite the followers is easier said than done! Luckily for them, their job is easy. And now all they have to do is type you a message in the comment section. Little do they know that you’re no more likely to pop up ‘below the caption’ than you are to pop round for a chat. 

This strange practice of comment ghosting is one of the oddest and most instantly damaging things an influencer can do. 

Your personal brand is likely to be perceived as too ‘big’ to interact with the ‘little’ people if you ghost. Unless, of course, you’re Mariah Carey… And on the other hand,  you are missing opportunities by turning your nose up at the comments! 

As Instagram’s ‘sticky’ comments algorithm brings it more in line with the Facebook model (i.e. elevating certain posters’ comments regardless of chronological order) trawling the comments section is as much a part of the Insta-experience as the feed. 

Here, you have the perfect opportunity to interact with people whose trust in you defines your value as an influencer. The comment sections are a place where you can showcase your true authenticity and influence. Not just through a well-liked post but through real conversations with people who care about what you think. 

And, if a brand sees you actively building relationships with your audience, you’re going to climb a few places on their collaboration wish-list.