Celebrating 70 years of Wrangler – Collabary case study

The challenge

While here at Collabary we may have only just blown out the candles on our first birthday, our friends at Wrangler recently celebrated 70 years as a rugged fashion icon.

So, to make sure their big year was full of joy (and sales) they approached us to help them create an influencer-led campaign that would celebrate something that has helped the brand stay so relevant for so long.

The plan

We started by helping Wrangler identify seven content creators who perfectly fitted their vision for this campaign – including amongst others Ebba Zingmark (@ebbazingmark) and Kevin Schertl (@blvckxkev).

These fashion, style and lifestyle content creators formed the heart of Wrangler’s big idea – The Summer of Love. What’s more, having worked with us to so carefully choose the content creators who best fit this campaign, Wrangler were happy to hand over creative freedom to their influencers.

Tapping into the summer mood and conversations around everything from festival style to unleashing your creative side, the content creators showcased Wrangler’s ‘Summer of Love’ inspired collection, driving awareness and traffic to the Zalando landing page.


So, what happened?

In just 3 weeks Wrangler and their content creator partners achieved some pretty astonishing results.

As well as earning 600,000 impressions and 50,000 reactions through their campaign content, Wrangler also saw a 140% return on their investment. Happy birthday indeed.


And, what did Ebba Zingmark have to say…

“As an influencer it’s harder than you might think to find collaboration partners that give you fair offers and clear briefings. Collabary does all that, which means I have the best conditions possible to do a really good job.”

Ebba Zingmark, Content Creator on the Wrangler Anniversary campaign