How To Become a Fashion Item: The Re-positioning Of The Classic Crocs

Crocs is a Colorado-based footwear brand known for its unique, innovative clogs. Crocs is specialized in casual footwear that combines comfort and style, and it’s this that drove them to extreme popularity with both men and women of all ages in the early 2000s. Crocs’ proprietary Croslite™ material, a molded footwear technology, is included in the vast majority of Crocs’ collection and delivers extraordinary comfort with each step. Its most iconic style is the Classic Crocs which is being sold since 2002.


The Challenge

Crocs teamed up with Collabary in order to raise awareness, build hype and to change the brand perception. The campaign’s goal was to re-position the Classic Crocs as a stylish fashion item to a trend-focused, female audience. This would be done by collaborating with influencers who could create unique styles with Classic Crocs as the centerpiece, which would, in turn, maximize authenticity and engagement. 


Campaign Execution

To reach this goal, 13 German fashion influencers were chosen according to the quality of their content, their audience reach, their engagement rate and the diversity of their style. This would ensure that we could create inspiring content that could speak to a range of different people through Instagram. 

Campaign content by Clarissa Hanel

The campaign took place between the 2nd and 7th of May. In total, 26 in-feed posts and 25 stories were created and shared by the creators, while 19 brand re-grams by Crocs-owned social media channels were achieved. With this content and the hashtags #CrocsYourStyle #ClassicCrocs and #ComeAsYouAre, the product was displayed in a variety of ways to communicate the versatile nature of the Classic Crocs.

Crocs would also possess the image rights, allowing them to republish the content across its Instagram channels and reinforce a holistic storytelling approach.

The Role of Collabary One of the key challenges of the campaign was the production, management, and approval of more than 50 assets. With such a high volume of content to create by so many different influencers, successful project management was tantamount to the success of the campaign. To maintain this, Crocs utilized Collabary’s Campaign Management Flow tool to seamlessly plan, produce, review and approve the content.



Campaign content by Dorilina     Campaign content by Ebba Zingmark


The Outcome 

The results of the campaign revealed that Crocs was successful at achieving its goal of raising awareness of the re-positioning. Collectively, the sponsored posts reached 1.4 million impressions and inspired an average engagement rate of 3.43%. The more than satisfying ROII (return of influencer investment) rate of 226% also indicated that the desired results were achieved. After the campaign, a number of the involved influencers have continued as brand ambassadors for Crocs, proving that the collaborations were successful in leveraging engagement through authentic content.

Campaign content by Shari Streich


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