Case Study: ASICS Spring/Summer 2019

ASICS is a Japanese footwear and sports equipment brand whose products have been consistently ranked as some of the highest-performing on the market. Their continued popularity can be owed to their never-ending pursuit of improved functionality and design. 


The Challenge

ASICS has teamed up with Collabary in order to create buzz around their Spring/Summer 2019 collection, with an emphasis on establishing ASICS SportStyle brand to a younger target group. This would be done through exclusive content creation and product seeding. The idea: A series of influencers would spontaneously break a dance in an everyday situation to express their “feel good” attitude.


Campaign Execution

To achieve this goal, help from nano to macro leveled influencers who could deliver high-quality dance content highlighting the brand was sought. They were chosen based on their individuality, quirkiness, stylish aesthetic and their ability to express themselves through dance whilst in the presence of a full production crew. Additionally, known influencers with a “street-style” or “sneakerhead” reputation were utilized to amplify the message.

To create the most seamless storyline across all channels, selected influencers were used as talents for professional production, while other creators were asked to create and post their dance content. Both of these groups had huge creative freedom to produce the content. Doing this they took part in a raffle, ending with the winners receiving ASICS gear. The campaign unfolded from the 16th-19th of June 2019 and saw 9 different influencers of various degrees of popularity creating 14 in-feed posts and 37 stories. The content also inspired brand re-grams by the brand’s social media channels. 

The Role of Collabary It would be extremely difficult for ASICS to have achieved the same results without the help of Collabary. Because the campaign sought to convey the message of stylishness, versatility, and durability through dancing, a very specific team of choreographers and dancers would be needed. With the help of Collabary’s Influencer Discovery and its ability to filter the creators by their job in this case, ASICS was able to find all 9 influencers that would be suitable to match their vision for their campaign. 



Campaign content by Shari Streich         Campaign content by Dorilina

The Outcome

The end result saw the development of high-quality content sourced via Collabary influencers that were fun, quirky and raw, and saw a high number of impressions with positive feedback from the audience.

Quite impressively, content created by the four micro-influencer collaborators such as dancer Elise Mireille collectively totaled over 19k impressions and achieved an 8.01% engagement rate. 

Independent posts by fashion-focused macro-influencers like Willy and Dorilina helped to give a massive boost to the total impressions figures, bringing the content from all 9 influencers to 1.32 million impressions and levelling out the average engagement rate to 4.39%. Overall, a truly satisfying ROII (return of influencer investment) rate of 328.75% was achieved.

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