How to… build amazing relationships with a PR agency

Why would you need a PR agency?

One of the reasons why social media influencer marketing is so successful (unlike so many of those ‘passing phase’ marketing trends) is because of how seamlessly it works alongside more traditional methods of reaching customers.

PR agencies have been shaping the way the world sees brands, celebrities, governments and pretty much anyone who would like just a tiny bit more control over how their story is told.

So as a content creator – who is also in the business of helping others create a more enticing reality – it’s inevitable that you’ll cross paths with PR agencies.

And lucky for both of you if that’s the case, as PR agencies and content creators have found all kinds of ways to help and reward each other.

From a first-look at exciting new products, to invites to the most exclusive events, PR agencies can provide the opportunity and the connections, while content creators provide a trusted, expert voice and an audience who really cares.

(It’s actually a pretty perfect match.)

Where can you meet them?

Now, the awkward truth is that the content creators who already have excellent relationships with PR agencies are mostly the ones who have been in the game a long time.

So, if you’re new to the world of influencing, you might find meeting your future PR BFF a little more difficult.

Luckily, there is one simple thing you need to do. Go to where these agencies will be and get to know them.

(Ok, that may seem a bit flippant, but it is actually ridiculously easy to go to places where good PR agencies will be.)

You can head down to press days (the German press days are coming up on 19th and 20th October in Berlin). You can go along to their own agency events, such as launch nights or pop up stores for one of their clients. You can even just go to open events like fashion week and you’ll be sure to find the kind of folks you’re looking for.

Of course, if finding these agencies is the easy bit, the tricky part is getting that relationship off the ground.

And, while the smart PR agencies are very receptive to content creators who can really add value to their clients’ campaigns, you’ll need to confidently show them what makes you such a trusted and influential voice. After all, it should be your passion and professionalism, not the size of your following or how brilliantly you can snap a selfie, that will get them interested.

How will a PR agency relationship help you?

Let’s get the most obvious (and least relevant) reason out of the way – free stuff.

Build a relationship with a good PR agency and you won’t be lacking for free goodies. Remember though, a professional PR agency will be able to sniff out any content creator who is in it for the freebies – and trust us, this is not the kind of relationship they’re looking for.

More importantly, building a close relationship with a PR agency will give you the opportunity to create more exciting and more unique content – content that your followers will love and your competitors will be deliciously envious of.

From getting your hands on the very latest innovation weeks before its release date, to popping up backstage at the event that everyone is dying to get into, PR agencies open doors for you, while you in-turn open them for your audience.

And, even more importantly, PR agencies are a gateway to paid campaign work with brands. If you become a PR agency’s trusted and proven social media collaborator, your name will crop up in all sorts of meetings between the agency and the brands they work with. It’s the kind of recommendation and endorsement clients will trust, and it could mean some high profile, and rather rewarding, work coming your way.