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The Cheat Sheet – Our Best Tips & Tricks For Instagram Stories (Including The New Instastories Highlight Feature)

Try this. Find anyone who absolutely loves Instagram Stories – and we mean loves it in the way most people love a family member or cat – and we guarantee they’ll be able to tell you something missing from the feature (the newest Instastories Highlight feature being one of them).

The truth is that, for all the big love that Instagram Stories is feeling (or perhaps because of that love) millions of people are desperate for it to do more.

Luckily Instagram has always been one of the more progressive platforms, and are perpetually testing and introducing new tools to enhance the experience.

For example, Instagram are apparently testing (secretly, so shhhh) a native regram button and the ability to search for gifs within Stories. Also recently Instagram announced that you now are able to even create an archive for your personal Stories (weirdly, one of the biggest gripes most people have with a disappearing content feature is that the content, er, disappears).

But, while we wait for the shiny new things to come twinkling into existence, we can always spend a bit more time getting to know some of the amazing stuff Instagram Stories already allows you to do.

So, while last week we shared our favourite hacks for Instagram Stories, this week our very first Cheat Sheet will walk you through some of the whizziest features you may not have already discovered.

How to use the new InstaStories Highlight feature

  1. Behold you now have the power to show off your stories separately in your profile with InstaStories Highlight
  2. Tap the “New” circle at the far left.
  3. Select a story from your archive and give it a name (you might want to think twice).
  4. Voila! Your InstaStories highlight now appears as a circle on your profile and plays when someone taps it.
  5. You can add as many highlights as you want (yes you heard right) and the best part is they will stay there until you remove them. Christmas indeed came early this year!
  6. If do want to remove or edit a highlight, simply tap and hold that specific highlight on your profile.
  7. You can also access the Highlight feature by adding your current story into a New Highlight as below!

 Creating a solid colour background (the easy way)

  1. Stop colouring in manually. Stop it right now.
  2. Open Stories and take a picture.
  3. Pick the Painter tool in the top right – choose a colour (did you know you can choose different shades by holding down on any of the pre-set colours).
  4. Then just hold your finger on the screen until it fills with colour.
  5. Try not to think about how long you’ve spent colouring in a bit at a time. Move on.

INSIDER TIP – show a glimpse of a picture beneath the solid colour by selecting the Eraser tool and brushing a little colour away.

Pinning stickers

  1. First of all, make a Story. Obviously. Sorry.
  2. Now tap Sticker on the top right and make your choice.
  3. Move the sticker into position.
  4. Tap pin. Now the sticker will stay in that place on the image even as the video moves.
  5. Use this wisdom responsibly. Or not, whatever really.

Professional Boomeranging

  1. Be insanely jealous of anyone who can Boomerang properly.
  2. Think simple – less going on in a picture definitely makes Boomeranging more impactful.
  3. Steady hands – stop shaking. Stop it. Be still.
  4. Keep your movements small – remember, Boomerang is going to do the moving bit for you.
  5. Go early – start filming a second before the action begins, this helps you catch the whole movement.
  6. Think backwards (and still simple) – choose an action that would look cool in reverse, like jumping into a swimming pool (only something you’ve not seen a billion times before).

Rainbow text

  1. Ok, so you already know you can change the colour of each letter of your text individually. But what if you could create rainbow text all in one go…
  2. Write something. Spell it properly, people get furious about that kind of thing.
  3. Highlight the whole text.
  4. Tap and hold the colour you want to start with.
  5. Keep your finger held down and drag it, from right to left, across the highlighted text and the colour palette. Go slow and you’ll see rainbow.


  1. You can rewind your own movements.
  2. Similar to Boomerang, just backwards.
  3. Make a story and see how life would have looked like if everything were on rewind.
  4. Yes it is addictive.