Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week Recap with Erik

With another Berlin Fashion Week done and dusted, we decided to share with you just one more treat.

Live on event and taking over our Instagram last week was 19-year-old, Berlin based, fashion blogger Erik Scholz.

We caught with Erik to reflect on the week and hear more on his favorite designer, season and Instagram to watch…


Recap with Erik Scholz at Berlin Fashion Week

What is your full name?

Erik Scholz

Berlin Fashion Week

How old are you?

I’m 19 years old

How old do you feel?

It kind of changes from day to day. When I’m at home with my younger brothers, I always feel like 14 again. But then, back in Berlin, I feel like 25. Doing my emails, attending events & being serious af.

What do you do for work?

I’m a full-time blogger and student. Have been for almost two years now.

What do you do for fun?

I would say, that I do almost everything for fun. No matter if meeting friends in cafes, responding to emails, shooting or even going to sporting events and spending time with my friends. There’s only one thing that I love over everything: food.

What is your favorite season in Berlin?

My favorite season for BFW is definitely fall / winter, I just love covering up in millions of layers. By the way, I’m a huge fan of jackets, that’s another reason for my AW obsession as well.

What was the best outfit you saw at Berlin Fashion Week this year?

I saw lots of good outfits, so it’s quite hard to decide. I guess I love the outfits, which really represent a unique style, not just expensive or “hyped” clothes.

Who would you say is the designer to watch this season in Berlin?

I would say it’s definitely William Fan, he always comes up with amazing stories behind his collections and never disappoints.

Three words to describe your experience at Berlin Fashion Week?

Stressful – Fake –  Exciting

Berlin Fashion Week

What is the one account that everyone should be following on Instagram right now?

I love @beatrice.gutu at the moment, she’s such a inspiration for me!

Thank you Erik for this great insides. On next week’s blog you will hear all about how to do amazing Instagram stories takeovers.