Why App Integration Is Amazing News For Instagram Influencers

What’s it all (app)bout?

Even the most dedicated influencers would find it tough to keep up with all the app innovations Instagram keep announcing.

But, in amongst their steady stream of enhancements, one in particular should catch the eye for content creators – the new app integration features for Spotify and GoPro.

It’s the first time Instagram has allowed users to share from a different app directly to Stories. If you’re using Spotify, you can add stickers of songs or playlists that will link directly to that music. For GoPro, users can simply add their videos directly from the GoPro app into Instagram Stories.

The feature also allows these apps to post into Facebook Stories. Thankfully, Instagram have even developed it so you don’t have to link up your different apps to get started. They really do think of everything.

Perfect partners

Spotify and GoPro clearly appreciate the power of Instagram already. Making these third party apps ideal pioneers for this new kind of functionality.

Spotify have had success with influencer marketing campaigns (like when they recruited a handful of micro influencers to promote their Discover Weekly playlists) and by using Instagram Stories on clever promotions, like their ‘Screaming Now’ Halloween activity.

GoPro, on the other hand, are masters in how social media influence can transform a business into a superpower.

When they began asking customers to submit their own footage, (ingeniously asking them to include the word ‘GoPro’ in the name of the video) they  started to receive 6,000 submissions every day!

By recognising the opportunity and harnessing the influential power of their own fan base, GoPro helped increased their sales by 200% in a single year.

Why it’s amazing news for you

The easy integration of two such powerful social forces can only be positive news for content creators.

As well as opening doors to new app integrations… The arrival of these brands can help you create content and attract new collaborations.

Being able to create an immediate link to music you listen to will be tempting news for brands and businesses. And, definitely to artists, who recognise the value of expert endorsement.

And, while the huge players in the music industry probably won’t come knocking at your door, everything from live venues to independent labels to start-up festivals could benefit from an influencer sharing with a key audience.

Meanwhile, a direct link between GoPro and Instagram Stories allows you to quickly deliver personal, exclusive content to your audience.

And it doesn’t all have to be footage of you leaping out of a plane. GoPro is an excellent tool for simply allowing your audience to experience the world through your eyes – which is precisely what you, as an influencer, should be looking to do anyway.