All Influencer Marketing Conference

All Influencer Marketing Conference: Spring’s Must-Do Networking Event

What is it?

This April 3rd, the third All Influencer Marketing Conference will be held at the ICM in Munich. With a focus to help brands find their optimal Influencer Marketing strategy, this day-long event promises to deliver priceless knowledge and networking opportunities that will guarantee that your social media strategy will be informed, efficient and bring the best return of investment and improved measurability of KPIs.

The day will include a packed schedule of panel discussions, lectures, and presentations that will debunk the myths surrounding influencer marketing and offer fact-checked and tested solutions to whatever your brand’s needs, small or large. Moderated by influencer and social media consultant Christina Dörr and digital strategy consultant Michael Praetorius, the program will offer a comprehensive insight into every level of the influencer marketing model.

All Influencer Marketing Conference

Following presentations will argue the value of diversifying content across mediums rather than sticking to a single platform. Then, as if to add more weight to what we’ve known all along, academic research that has put marketing trends under the microscope will be discussed to confirm the importance of influencer marketing and offer a scientific approach to working with influencers in the future.

Later you’ll discover the ten biggest mistakes in influencer marketing from a creative lab whose clients include Mercedes-Benz and Eurowings. As expected, its authenticity that comes out as the most valuable facet of your influencer marketing strategy. You will learn ways to keep your business integrity intact while Instagram continues to restate its mission to take action in weeding out fraudulent behaviour. By learning to shield yourself from these pitfalls, you’re affording your reputation longevity.

In between presentations, there will be an opportunity to network and exchange information with representatives from top international brands and highly sought after social media consultants with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Come find us…

Perhaps the most exciting event of the day (if we say so ourselves) will be an afternoon panel discussion on How to attract the right influencers? that Collabary’s own Anna Meyfarth will be participating in. Starting @ 4 PM in Hall 14A, we will be putting our best ideas forward on how to best approach the biggest questions surrounding a social media strategy, such as whether to use platforms or agencies or to do it all yourself, whether to choose micro- or macro- influencers, and many more.

This discussion is bound to be wildly informative and eye-opening, so don’t miss your chance to hear some of the best minds in the industry offer up their priceless insights to find out which influencer marketing strategy is right for your company.

All Influencer Marketing Conference

As the digital age progresses and the value of influencer marketing grows, it is now time to place social media at the forefront of your marketing focus to reach the right audience at the right time. There’s rarely a better event than the All Influencer Marketing Conference to adopt a tried-and-tested strategy that could guide your brand to possibilities beyond your wildest imagination.

You can find tickets here and if you see us around, please say hello. We’d love to share our excitement with you.