4 Ways To Include Influencers In Your Easter Campaign

With Europe set for another sunny Spring season, we’re already excited for the many colorful surprises that lay in store from our favourite brands in the months ahead.

The Easter holiday is a period of rejuvenation and celebration, so what better time could there be to bask in the good vibes with your customers and tease them with what new directions you’ll be taking in the year to come?

As 74% of under 35’s plan to use their smartphones for help with their Easter-time purchases, it’s more important than ever to focus on a social media marketing strategy to reach your audience during any festive season.

To help, we’ve featured four of the most commonly loved characteristics of Spring and explored how they have best been highlighted by Collabary Influencer campaigns to drive brand messages home to the best effect.


1.  The Colors


Photo credit: @jacqyudanslanuit

Talk to any fashion lover and the first thing they’ll mention about Spring is the wave of color that flows in to replace the dark winter hues adorning runways and wardrobes alike. To celebrate the lively shades and patterns of their Spring Collection, we worked with Esprit in inviting Influencers to create inspiring and playful content to show off their natural fabrics and exotic florals.

Loved for championing sustainability and for embodying an adventurous yet caring spirit,  Influencer Jaqui Dans La Nuit​ was the perfect choice to collaborate with in creating content for the eco-conscious products. Her bright posts were equally a celebration of the new Esprit range and the colors of Spring.


2. The Outdoors


Photo credit: @philipdemil

Easter is a time of sunshine, blooming cherry blossoms, budding greenery and baby animals. To mark the beginning of long sunny days after a long cold winter, we collaborated with Levi’s Footwear in inviting Influencers to produce pictures in the outdoors.

Known for their lifestyle, travel and menswear content Philip Deml and Sebastian Schmidt were our first choice to show off the Levi’s footwear range in their element. Whether in sun-soaked settings or out in nature, the posts exhibited the versatility and style of Levi’s Spring range to exactly the demographic Levi’s was aiming for.


3. Rejuvenation


Photo credit: @hoardoftrends

As consumers plan to either travel for beachside breaks or hang out with friends and family this Easter, it’s clear that revitalised health and wellbeing are concerns for the millennial demographic. That is why Clinique asked us to create an Easter-time Influencer campaign to shed light on overcoming stressed winter skin by using their Fresh Pressed Booster product.

As role models for healthy, relaxed living, there was no better choice than influencers Laura Noltemeyer and Magdalena Ilic to test their new Clinique products and share their results in real time with their fans. The centrepiece of images that highlighted health and relaxation, the Fresh Pressed Booster could not have been displayed in a more fitting setting.


4. Celebration


Photo credit: @blogger_bazaar

Warm weather and the Easter holidays mean one thing to many millennials – festivals and partying, and the epitome of the fashionable Springtime festival is California’s Coachella. In this blast from the past,  we teamed with Tommy Jeans in 2017 to use the Blogger Bazaar Squad that would roam the festival to create unique posts that would celebrate their classic, versatile designs amidst the young and beautiful.

Including the popular Bonnie Strange and Nina Suess, the hip, young, team of girls that made up the Blogger Bazaar Squad created content that represented everything there is to love about long days and nights partying in the sun. With fresh, individual and vibrant images shot in the iconic Californian desert, Tommy Jeans’ status as a timeless All-American was further cemented with the help of these five forward-thinking Influencers.

To learn more about how you can best use Influencer-generated content to drive your marketing campaigns no matter what the season, book tickets now to Collabary’s Masterclass at Hamburg’s OMR Festival on the 7th of May. We can’t wait to see you there!