4 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Support at Berlin Fashion Week This Month

The buzz in town is palpable! Our calendars are filling up fast and we’re spending our time – maybe a little too much – trying to decide how to get the most out of next week’s lineup of events and runway shows (sustainable brands, of course!). That’s right; Berlin Fashion Week is just around the corner, and once again we are  with rattling with anticipation over the upcoming displays of some of the world’s most boundary-pushing and talented designers.

In the spirit of Team Collabary’s mission to highlight and celebrate labels with an eco-conscious ethos, we’ve listed three designers and one event that will grace the runways of Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week who share a green mindset. With their promise to deliver collections that will not only exhibit innovation and creativity in their design aesthetic but also in their commitment to ethical practices, these visionaries have us believing that sustainability has never looked so good.


1. Maisonnoée

Credit: @BinhTruong on Instagram

When and Where

Tuesday 15th January, 4pm at E-Werk

This Berlin-based prêt-a-porter women’s fashion label by designer Sophie Oemus will once again exhibit at Fashion Week, unveiling a new collection that promises to be elegant, bold and empowering for women and the planet. By carefully selecting sustainable materials, choosing to manufacture exclusively within Europe and eschewing trends in favour of designing pieces that will withstand the test of time, Maisonnoée is a force to be reckoned with in the sustainable fashion movement.


2. Lena Hoschek

Credit: @LupiSpuma on Instagram

When and Where

Wednesday 16th January, 4pm at E-Werk

Austrian designer Lena Hoschek is set to return to this year’s Fashion Week with her fun and sensual signature celebration of the feminine silhouette. The use of natural materials as well basing her production solely in Europe is of a high priority to Lena Hoschek, who highlights the importance of searching for the lowest impact means of manufacturing. With her eco-driven approach to production and her desire to celebrate female body positivity, Lena Hoschek displays a progressive sensibility in every sense of the world.


3. Richert Beil

Credit: @JoachimBaldauf on Instagram

When and Where

Thursday 17th January, 10am at E-Werk

Perhaps the boldest statements regarding the future of ethical fashion have come from design partners Jale Richert and Michele Beil. This Berlin-based team, whose unisex collections showcase a contrast between harmonious traditionalism and modern concepts, see the necessity for ditching the fast-fashion and consumer-driven model of the current fashion industry in lieu of designing high-quality clothing that will last for decades. This ethos is bound to shine through in their upcoming Runway Show, Alter Ego.


4. NEONYT at Kraftwerk

When and Where

15th -17th January, Kraftwerk

With a vision to revolutionise the entire fashion industry, Neonyt is a platform that aspires to bring together the most forward-thinking designers and latest ideas in innovation, sustainability and technology to reshape how we make and consume clothing. Over three days, local and international fashion labels and consumers will come together at the world’s largest sustainable fashion exhibition to show their pieces, participate in events and discuss solutions on how the fashion industry can become an ally in the fight for our planet’s future.

Together we can champion the ideas and designs of those with the desire to change the world for the better, and in turn do our bit to keep Earth cool. Are you in?