4 Influencers Who Are Getting Us Into The Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of year again! It may be getting colder and the days are nearly at their shortest, but Christmas is just around the corner and we cannot wait. Not only is it a time to be spent with loved ones, but it’s a time of relaxation and rejuvenation. To celebrate the silly season, we’ve found four influencers who are getting into the Christmas spirit with their festive content and brand collaborations.

To aid us in finding some of our favorite posts, we’ve used our Content Discovery feature. This enables you to find, collect, engage and repurpose relevant content created by social media influencers. In this case, we searched for the hashtags Xmas and Christmas and filtered for content that was uploaded between the 1st and 12th of December, 2019. So without further ado…


1. Oliwia Szymańska, Poland

Photo credit: Oliwia Szymańska

Oliwia Szymańska is a Polish lifestyle and beauty influencer who has built up a following for her inspired YouTube makeup tutorials, with her channel earning over 110k subscribers. She is particularly popular in her native country, with 84% of her Instagram 36.5k followers hailing from Poland. This is, perhaps, why her average engagement rate is so high at a rate of 19.7%. 

So far this month, Oliwia has posted a number of posts including Christmas-themed hashtags and content, but we couldn’t help but find this post particularly sweet. While she has collaborated with an online poster retailer Desenio to offer a tailored discount to her followers. The intimate and loving scene with her partner captures a warmth that is characteristic to this time of year. The subtly to of both the Christmas imagery and the products she is sponsoring is also refreshing, so it’s no wonder her followers respond to her so well.


2. Amandine Sicard, France

Photo credit: Amandine Sicard

Amandine Sicard is a French lifestyle blogger and influencer who has built up a sizeable following for her intimate, beautifully curated feed that has tracked everything from product testimonials to her experiences with motherhood. With 71% of her 46k followers hailing from France and an average engagement rate of 7%, Amandine is the perfect ambassador to host a local giveaway this Christmas. 

In the pictured post, Amandine has offered a giveaway of over €1,000 worth of products from brands such as Zara, Sephora, and Maisons du Monde. This post captures the excitement of the pre-Christmas period perfectly, inspiring 24% of audiences to engage with the content.


3. Lucinda Rossat, France

Photo credit: Lucinda Rossat

Lucinda Rossat is a French influencer that has earned a place on our list for her numerous Christmas-inspired posts over the last few weeks. Having earned a following of 103k followers on Instagram, Lucinda also writes a popular blog that documents everything from her travels to fashion and lifestyle advice. 

Recently, she teamed up with local perfume and cosmetics label Marionnaud to create her own exclusive skincare box to gift to five of her lucky followers. As Lucinda and many of our other featured influencers have displayed, Christmas-time tends to be a popular time for influencers to give back to their followers by hosting giveaways or by offering discounts, and whether she’s gifting Ferrero Rocher Christmas trees or beauty products, Lucinda has displayed a giving spirit this month. 


4. Michi Brandl, Germany

Photo credit: Michi Brandl

Michi Brandl is a German lifestyle and beauty influencer based in Cologne, who outside of running her popular blog and personal shoe brand maintains a following of 150k on Instagram. With an engagement rate of roughly 7% and a majority of her followers hailing from Germany, Michi has been a trusted ambassador for products as varied as skincare to footwear for years.

One of her latest Christmas posts has been for L’occitane’s new scented candle range. By weaving her testimonial into advice on how to create a cozy Christmas vibe, Michi’s post captures the essence of what Christmas should be about – unwinding in a relaxed and wholesome space.


In summary, it’s clear that audiences respond most to giveaways at this time of year, and why wouldn’t they? Christmas gift buying can be stressful, to say the least, so to capture your audience’s imagination by offering the chance to win a further gift is a great way to inspire generosity in your following. If not giveaways, then discounts or testimonials of exclusive products are bound to get followers excited at a time where people are more inclined to spoil themselves with new gifts.