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4 Content Marketing Campaigns Proving Influencer-Driven Success

At Collabary, we are motivated every day to discover the most innovative and effective ways for our client brands and influencers to collaborate. With influencer marketing now solidified as the most trusted method of marketing to an authenticity-valuing millennial generation, we are inspired by the total hands-on involvement of influencers and brands alike in building relationships in and out of the view of the public eye to enhance this honest approach to ambassadorship.

Recently, we had the pleasure to work with two brands and a number of influencers in facilitating relationships in campaigns that went beyond the confines of the normal influencer marketing angle. With Tommy Hilfiger and Under Armour, we took a 360° approach to cross-channel content distribution in cooperation with our colleagues at Zalando Marketing Services. That is, we handed top influencers the reigns to create and distribute content for these brands on their own platforms, then the brands further distributed this content on their own social media platforms, e-commerce pages and tailored Zalando landing pages. Below we have shared four different content marketing campaigns realised for Tommy Hilfiger and Under Armour that turned traditional content marketing on its head in true Collabary style.

1. Will Finds A Way by Under Armour

Spearheaded by the global Under Armour ambassador Yusra Mardini and Collabary’s Anuthida, 2018’s Will Finds A Way campaign was designed following the 360° approach. Through video testimonials and daily postings, Yusra, Anuthida and seven other influencers in the fashion and lifestyle spheres worked to create engagement and brand awareness in a way previously undone by Under Armour.

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In the four week run-time of the campaign, this initiative resulted in more than 2.4 million impressions; 850k of them through dedicated Instagram Story snippets where influencers re-directed their followers towards the dedicated landing page on Zalando. On top of this, there was an ROI of 116% outperforming industry benchmarks. If there were any question of how successful the campaign was, not much later Collabary and Under Armour were reunited for an even bigger project.

2. Let’s Go BAM! by Under Armour

The aim of the BAM campaign was to ‘create a movement of real women whose unfailing will provides the strength to reach new limits.’ Influencers were asked to film themselves performing an impressive sports performance for a post or Story then celebrate it, capping it off by slapping on a bespoke BAM sticker. At the end of the three-week campaign, the stories were edited together and used on Under Armour’s own social media platforms as well as their Zalando landing page.

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Twelve sports influencers headed by Lary, Gizem,and Alina Sueggeler were recruited to showcase their talent in Under Armour gear, the aim to create awareness across social media and to associate an empowering and positive message with the brand. It worked. The posts saw a solid engagement of thousand of fans new and old, a return of investment of over 200% and most importantly, inspired women to express their own BAM moments to their followers.

3. Tommy Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger

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Our collaboration with Tommy Jeans began as a one-month campaign aimed at building brand awareness across Europe. Dozens of influencers across Europe with followings between 20k and over 1 million followers like Germany’s Erik Scholz and Zeno Dzudzevic, were asked to create their own personalized content that would inspire their communities. They did. Left to create their own looks based around Tommy Jeans, the influencers went on to create inspired outfits that could be bought by fans through Zalando’s Get The Look platform.

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Today, searching for Tommy Jeans will yield a plethora of popular, tested influencer curated outfits, a feat that would be near impossible if the brand were not working in this priceless market. The posts resulted in a reach of around 2.7 million people with 3.8 million impressions, results that were promising enough to have Tommy Hilfiger inspired to work with Europe’s strong influencer community again.

4. Tommy Sport by Tommy Hilfiger

Alternatively, content creation can be used to create hype for a short period of time rather than being the backbone of a longer campaign. Recently, we put together a team of thirty sports-loving influencers and put them to test of endurance to celebrate the launch of Tommy Sport in Europe. Together for a high-energy athletic session coached by a brilliant trainer from the Ministry of Sound Fitness in London, sports enthusiasts Elena Carriere and Andre Hamann headed a team of influencers eager to trial the sportswear in Berlin’s Soho House.

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Before the session, both Andre and Elena were free to put together a number of short videos for Tommy Sport’s menswear and womenswear Zalando landing pages that featured them trialling the gear under different circumstances. For one day, the IG stories of some of Europe’s most followed influencers were filled with Tommy Sport gear in action and for those following, the buzz was palpable.

Now, whether or not the content will be used further across Tommy Hilfiger’s platforms remains to be seen, but that wasn’t exactly the goal. By allowing an influencer-led event to flourish in real-time, Tommy Sports showed that they were confident to put their products on show, shot from 30 different angles without the safety of intricate staging and effects.

With the value of influencer-driven content marketing campaigns only increasing, we are excited to be working with the best of the best, and with the openness of all kinds of fashion labels to collaborate in ways never before thought of, we are humbled to be a part of the success story. We think it’s only just getting started. 

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