Future-proof your Instagram – 3 trends that could take over 2018

Instagram trends for 2018

While some jokers are still wasting their time on what’s happening here in 2017, the serious Instagrammers are already looking ahead to what will make audiences tap that tiny little heart next year.

And while 2017 was the year that brought us such ubiquitous Insta-trends as slides, black and white (just so people know when you’re feeling moody and arty) and, weirdly, deliberately shabby photographs, we think we’re all probably ready for some big changes,

Instagram themselves would probably agree, considering their fairly relentless pursuit of the next big feature (if you haven’t been having endless fun with the dramatic new Superzoom then you should go back to MySpace and have a good long look at yourself).

But what exactly will be those new Instagram trends that, come this time next year, we’ll all be entirely bored of…

1. S.P.A.R.K.L.E.

Don’t be surprised if even devoted advocates of the ‘Inkwell’ filter suddenly start drenching their images in glitter and sparkle.

The culprit for this astonishingly blingy new trend is celebrity-favourite app Kira Kira.

For anyone yet to be dazzled by Kira Kira’s glittery magic, it’s effectively a filter app that allows you to overlay a glittery finish to your outfit, accessories and even your skin.

Handily, you can choose the degree of sparkle you wish to add to your image. Less handily, it’s almost impossible to resist dressing yourself up to look like a glam-rock astronaut.

2. More is, er, more

Unless your idea of high fashion is scrubbing the food stains off your favourite hoodie, you’ve probably heard that minimalism is dead.

Now (apparently) we find ourselves in the age of ‘maximalism’, a suspiciously made-up sounding word that basically means that fashion is now about more colour, more texture, more complicated designs and a hell of a lot more detail.

So, with so much more outfit to show off on Instagram, you can expected to see Insta-photography focussing a lot more on the many surprising little touches of someone’s style, rather than quite so heavily on the full-outfit shot.

3. Chic in a shack

Few things occupy a content creator’s mind as much as finding the best backdrop for their latest post.

Google your way around the topic and you’ll find your eyeballs flooded with blogs, professional recommendations and endless Pinterest boards on the topic.

And while everything from luxury hotel lobbies, panoramic vistas and (a lot) of brick walls have had their moment, 2018 will be providing a very different setting for your favourite Instagrammers.

And, these new locations might not be quite as inspiring as you’re used to. Instead, the concept of showing off your most glamorous or sophisticated outfit in a space that is absolutely neither of those things – think dingy car park, burger joint, Seven Eleven, bus stop… anywhere slightly rubbish looking really – is going to get (weirdly) big.