2019 So Far: 2 Collabary Footwear Campaigns That Have Excited Us

At Collabary, we are motivated every day to discover the most creative and effective ways for our clients and content creators to collaborate. With influencer marketing solidified as the most-trusted method of marketing to an authenticity-valuing millennial generation. We are inspired by the commitment of influencers and brands in building relationships in and out of the view of the public eye to enhance this honest approach to an ambassadorship. 

As the third quarter of 2019 has come and gone, we now want to share two of our very own Collabary footwear campaigns that have inspired us with their dedication to building brand/influencer relationships this year so far. By looking at how these collaborations have worked, we have learned priceless lessons – not just about trends in influencer marketing but also how influencers can be used to further facilitate relationships between customers and brands.


1. Reebok Sole Fury

To promote their new model, the Reebok Sole Fury, Reebok teamed up with Collabary to drive a campaign between February and April 2019. The campaign assets had to be like the shoe, colorful and fit the street style. To achieve these requirements 21 diverse content creators had been booked and created 64 Instagram in-feed posts and 176 story sections in total.

Photo credit: Trixi Giese

Photo credit: Bonnie Strange 

The content creators engaged very well with Reebok and its campaign, which can be seen through 3 additional postings and more story sections than booked. Through the created content, the Sole Fury campaign reached amazingly 7.1 million impressions with an overall engagement rate of 5.89%.

Photo credit: Modesynthese

Photo credit: Nikki Marinus

With this highly creative content, also 8 brand re-grams could be reached. This shows once again how important it is to work with creators that fit the brand and its campaign – the only way to achieve unique results with which everyone is happy.


2. Crocs Sloane Slides

In June this year, Crocs has teamed up with Collabary in order to raise awareness and create buzz around the brand’s summery Sloane slides. 11 German fashion content creators have created inspiring and high-quality content, showcasing the shoes as a staple in their summer wardrobe. 

Around this case, the content creators had a set-up around 2 Instagram in-feed postings and 2 stories. To support the campaign in general, a product page was created on Zalando. In the story sections of the influencers, this link could be inserted directly. The influencers’ followers were thus forwarded directly to the landing page, where they could not only find the creator’s campaign assets but could also shop the Crocs Sloanes.

Photo credit: Toni Dreher

Photo credit: Vanessa Fuchs

With overall 26 in-feed postings and 23 stories on Instagram, 1 million impressions have been reached which achieved an engagement rate of 4.19%. Thanks to the direct links in the individual stories, 834 followers reached the Crocs landing page on Zalando through Instagram, resulting in a click-through rate of 0.5%.

Photo credit: Su and Chris

Photo credit: Ji Kim

One of the special features of this campaign was the landing page, which enabled the followers to directly recognize the content creator and the shoes they were wearing on their postings. This way they are on Zalando, but still, feel connected to the respective influencer. Furthermore, some of the creators chosen for the Sloane slides campaign are already brand ambassadors for Crocs, which is important for the trust between brand, influencer and follower or potential customer.