2019 So Far: 2 Collabary Beauty Campaigns That Have Excited Us

At Collabary, we are motivated every day to discover the most creative and effective ways for our clients and content creators to collaborate. With influencer marketing solidified as the most trusted method of marketing to an authenticity-valuing millennial generation, we are inspired by the commitment of influencers and brands in building relationships in and out of the view of the public eye to enhance this honest approach to ambassadorship. 

Now that the first half of 2019 has come and gone, we wanted to share two of our very own Collabary beauty campaigns that have inspired us with their dedication to building brand/influencer relationships in the year so far. By looking at how these collaborations have worked, we have learned priceless lessons – not just about trends in influencer marketing but also how influencers can be used to further facilitate relationships between customers and brands. 


1. Bobbi Brown

Earlier this year, we worked with high-level beauty brand Bobbi Brown in inviting 35 content creators to a 3-day trip of engaging, interactive and buzz-worthy experiences to help relaunch the brand in Germany. Focusing especially on the partnership between Bobbi Brown and Zalando, beauty influencer Fata Hasanovic was chosen to take her followers with her through the whole journey, which soon led her to New York.

Photo credit: Fata Hasanovic

Fata Hasanovic was quick to highlight that her trip was not only about advertising for the brand but more about getting to know the products and ethos behind the Bobbi Brown brand better. Alongside the other content creators, she was able to acquire a more in depth knowledge about what made Bobbi Brown products special and how to best apply them. “It was not like a job at all,” Fata said, “but more like a retreat!” 

Photo credit: Fata Hasanovic

It didn’t take long for everyone involved to realize why Fata and Bobbi Brown were such a great pairing. When asked about what the qualities she believed makeup should have, she mentioned the importance of highlighting the natural beauty and confidence of the person who’s wearing it – an attitude that has been a sole focus of the Bobbi Brown since day one. 

Over Fata’s and Bobbi Brown’s collaboration, from sharing her first impressions of the brand to  spotlighting her favorite products on her current confidence-focused makeup routine, Fata has posted 8 stories and 5 posts on Instagram, and 1 YouTube video. This approach  reached 3.2 million visitors and yielded an amazing Instagram engagement rate of 4.6%.

By choosing an ambassador with a similar ethos and giving her free reign to explore the products in public, Bobbi Brown were able to reinforce their core values while fueling excitement about their relaunch. Fata’s encouragement of her followers to create user-generated content further helped to spread Bobbi Brown’s message, proving that choosing the right influencer for your relaunch can be priceless in reaching your target audience.


2. Smashbox 

In cooperation with model and Instagram starlet Vanessa Stanat, Collabary and ZMS created a campaign that would take a much wider approach. The aim of the campaign was to promote the new Smashbox collection, Crystalized, to the female millennial target group.

To achieve this, Vanessa was given the Smashbox Crystalized collection and shown by Smashbox’s beauty experts how she can apply each product to get the most desirable effect. From here, Vanessa could begin to experiment with the products and eventually produced and photographed two looks – the Smoky Pyrite and the Tender Rose Quarz.

Photo credit: Vanessa Stanat

Afterwards, a landing page with banners and mood-boards was created to show each of Vanessa’s striking looks as well as the content she created. To further encourage her followers to replicate her looks, detailed instructions were given on what Crystalized products were used and where they could be bought on Zalando.

As the face of the campaign, Vanessa has also posted an IGTV video in which she has provided a tutorial on how each of the products were used. With posts being shared on her popular Instagram feed that link to the Zalando landing page, it is guaranteed that the audience keeps their emotional connection with Vanessa and the Crystalized products. In turn, customers are led not just through a satisfying string of touchpoints, but to the desired objective, which was sales.

Be sure to follow Vanessa now to continue watching the campaign unfold. As their partnership has progressed, it has become clear that Vanessa’s relationship to both Smashbox and their Crystalized products has grown stronger and is not over yet, proving to us the effectiveness of aligning the right brands with the right ambassadors, as well as encouraging content creators to be as independently creative and curious as they can be.