The Mother Load – Why Social Media Influencing Is A Market Filled With Moms

Team Collabary

Moms, moms, moms

Whether you call her mommy, mum or mama (if she happens to be a 19th century Countess) the most important lady in your life is also pretty much the most important lady on social media.

In a Klout study by Blog Hands, half of the 10 expert bloggers on social media fell into the category of ‘mommy blogger’.

And the fact that there are over 4 million mom bloggers in North America alone perhaps explains why some of world’s most effective influencers are mothers with a story to tell.


What it also tells us, is that mommy blogging is a wildly competitive industry and, unsurprisingly, the vast majority of those blogs are unlikely to persuade brands that they can make a real difference to their campaigns.

But with the right voice, style and storytelling, a successful mommy blogger can take social media influence to a whole new level.

More than just a mom

There are probably two big misconceptions about mommy blogging. And the first is the old-fashioned and dismissive assumptions people make about this type of influencer.

But, not only do the best mommy bloggers tell some of the most compelling and persuasive stories anywhere in social media, their creativity and honesty have earned them huge credibility amongst brands way beyond the parenting sector.

For example, even the dimmest internet troll would find it hard to dismiss someone like Glennon Doyle Melton – a bestselling author on the back of her hugely popular blog – as ‘just a mommy blogger’.

The second big misconception is that mommy bloggers can, and should, only ever be talking about milk, nappies, not sleeping and the strange things that happen to their nipples.

In fact bloggers specialising in everything from health and fitness to travel have become pregnant and discovered new brand partners eager to diversify the way they reach the ‘mom market’.

A mob full of moms

Of course, if so many moms all over the world are sharing their thoughts and experiences, there must be many more millions listening.

And the data certainly backs it up. A study by for example reveals that 31% of moms admit to spending over 9 hours a day on their mobile phones, while a Fan Finders survey revealed that 41% of moms admit to having checked their social media accounts by 8am.


So if moms are starting early – and turning to their phones for relief and reconnection as often as they can – it’s understandable that brands will work very hard to find the right influencer, in the right moment, to be the credible face of their campaigns.

And with a global baby care market that is predicted to hit $66.8 billion this year, the authenticity of a great mommy blogger, and the strong community spirit of the mom market, means brands will pay big money for the best mommies they can find.