Man Time: 3 Things To Think About For Men’s Fashion Week

Team Collabary

Unless you’ve been hanging out exclusively with your granddad, you’ll probably know that men’s fashion is about much more than sensible trousers and sturdy boots.

In fact this June marks the 5th year of London Fashion Week: Men’s – an event that, like its female counterpart, is embracing social media influencers.

Influencers are now at the heart of many huge brands’ and designers’ strategy for creating hype (and yes, sales) around their collection. So much so that, like women’s Fashion Weeks, the tone of the event has dramatically shifted, becoming less of a ‘sneak peak’ for privileged insiders and more of an all-access experience for a global social audience – often through the eyes of the influencer.

And while this blog has already shared a few handy thoughts and tips on women’s Fashion Weeks, here are three essential things for the chaps to think about.

1. Think about your business

Fashion influencing is one of those strange, rare places where the girls are higher earners than the boys – with a study by Influencer finding that women who use social media as a marketing channel earn 35% more than men.

So while men’s Fashion Week should be about fun, inspiration and really, really cool trainers, it’s also a super-serious business opportunity that requires you to work your skinny-jeaned butt off.

And whether it’s hours of diligent research to find upcoming designers you can partner with – or even finding the new breed of hotels who are embracing the power of influencers from all sectors – you need to make sure you have the ideas, connections and creativity to turn Fashion Week into a social media money spinner.

2. Think about your look

Ok, this isn’t fashion rocket science. But if you are a men’s fashion influencer on social media it’s important to remember that, as well as documenting the amazing style on show during Fashion Week, you have to be scoring some big style points yourself.

Huge magazines like GQ have street style photographers prowling around the event, looking for the most stylish men they can snap. And just look at the incredible social buzz (and, yes, a little bit of fun-poking) that surrounded the infamous ‘Pitti Peacocks’ who flamboyantly paraded their unique men’s style outside the Pitti Uomo trade show in Florence.

3. Think about… a million other things!

Any social media influencer who turns up to men’s Fashion Week without the perfect plan, a detailed schedule, agreed brand partners and a big bag of cool clothes, might as well have just turned up dressed in their dad’s baggy disco suit.


From studying the Fashion Week schedule, to choosing a well-situated hotel, to sorting out accreditation, to ensuring you have the right battery back-up plans for a day of selfie-taking, we couldn’t even begin to get into everything you need to plan before you arrive at Fashion Week.

But as well as the million things you need to organise before the first velvet loafer has even hit the catwalk, there is one thing that probably matters most of all.

You need to get out there and create fabulous, astonishing, unmissable content that is going to get your followers engaging and make brands and designers desperate to get you into their campaigns – and their clothes.